Week of 12/08/2023
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🎤 灣谷小歌星, 繼續接受報名!
12/15, 比賽即將登場,請直接 email 華山主任報名: BVCS.epcontest@gmail.com

🎤 Unleash Your Singing Talent! Enroll in the Singing Contest!
Singing Chinese songs is without a doubt a fun and effective way to learn the language. To encourage students to learn Chinese through the joy of singing and to help them sing their way to fluency, this year BVCS proudly presents its first-ever Singing Contest.
Mark your calendar for December 15! It is a day to showcase your talent in the Singing Contest.
For registration, please directly contact our Director of Academic Contests, Angela Chou at BVCS.epcontest@gmail.com


Principal's Corner

❗️❗️ 西畫比賽日期更動 ❗️❗️
西畫比賽改在1/26, 和朗讀比賽同日舉行, 以配合 ANCCS (北加州中文學校聯合 會) 同日比賽之安排。西畫比賽繼續接受報名, 報名請 email 華山主任: BVCS.epcontest@gmail.com

❗️❗️ Attention: New Date for the Western Painting Contest ❗️❗️
Western Painting Contest date has been changed to January 26, the same day as the Read-Aloud Contest. This reschedule is done to accommodate the schedule of the Academic Contests organized by the Association of Northern California Chinese Schools (ANCCS). Registration for the Western Painting Contest is still open. Please directly contact our Director of Academic Contests, Angela Chou at BVCS.epcontest@gmail.com


Read Aloud

🏆 灣谷朗讀比賽, 已經開始, 趕快報名了, 不要錯過報名時間!
下載朗讀比賽稿, 請按 這裡
線上報名, 請按 這裡
🏆 Enter the BVCS Read-Aloud Contest now Online!
The BVCS Intra-School Read-Aloud Contest is currently open for registration. Seize the opportunity to showcase your talents! The deadline is fast approaching. Don’t miss the chance to shine!
Click HERE to download the read-aloud articles.
Click HERE to register online NOW!


Important Announcement

12/08 網路課
Online Instruction
12/15 灣谷小歌星 校內歌唱比賽日
Singing Contest
12/22 寒假
Winter Break
12/29 寒假
Winter Break
01/05/2024 寒假
Winter Break
1/26/2024 校內朗讀, 西畫比賽日
Read-Aloud Contest & Western Painting Contest

Chinese New Year Celebration Rehearsal
02/02/2024 新春聯歡排練
Chinese New Year Celebration Rehearsal
2/10/2024 灣谷龍年新春聯歡
BVCS Celebrates the Year of the Dragon
02/17/2024 教職員線上會議
Teachers and Staff Online Meeting



👉 徵求一月,二月,灣谷校園巡守隊「義工家長月隊長」!
為校園安全把關, 灣谷的孩子需要您!
灣谷中文學校是一個由義工所組成的非營利組織, 有家長的積極參與, 才能順利推動校務。
「家長校園巡守隊」的任務包括: 指揮交通, 巡邏校園, 下課休息期間, 為不小心受傷的孩子 擦擦藥。「月隊長」負責協調, 帶領並管理校園巡守隊。
我們需要您來擔任灣谷一月, 二月月隊長!
請儘速聯繫訓導主任 蔣國恩: fchiang@outlook.com

👉Seeking Monthly Yard Duty Leads for January and February 2024!
We need your help to secure the campus safety!
Please sign up to be our January and February Monthly Yard Duty Leads!
This is one of the most rewarding jobs. You can help with BVCS and become an integral part of the school security team by enforcing safety for all the kids and adults.
We are the team that directs traffic, ensures safety for the entire campus between 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m., manages all emergency drills, and places band-aids on your kids when they fall during break time.
Your responsibilities are to coordinate, manage, & lead all facets of security for the entire month you sign up for.
Please get in touch with Frank Chiang @ fchiang@outlook.com for any additional questions/information.


灣谷教職員線上會議, 腦力激盪校內學藝比賽, 新春聯歡活動。
Teachers and Staff engaging in an online meeting, brainstorming ideas for school-wide contests and planning for the Chinese New Year Celebration.

Staff Meeting

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