Week of 11/17/2023
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Principal's Corner

🌹為了鼓勵每一個認真努力準備比賽的小朋友, 今年的朗讀比賽將分為AB兩組。
A組: A班學生;
B組: B班學生。
兩組學生同時比賽, 但分別評分, 分別選出前三名和佳作獎得主。

🌹In order to encourage every child who works hard to prepare for the competition, this year's read-aloud contest will be divided into two groups.
Group A: Class A students.
Group B: Class B students.
The two groups of students competed simultaneously but will be scored separately.
The top three and honorable mention winners will also be selected respectively.



🎄11/24感恩節放假, 未來三個月活動精彩緊湊!

👉12/15, 校內歌唱比賽, 畫畫比賽;
👉1/26, 校內朗讀比賽, 各班老師推選出鉛筆書法, 漢語拼音學生高手;
👉2/10, 灣谷「龍年新春聯歡」!
👉3/24, 北加州中文學校聯合會學術競賽, 灣谷將推派學生代表出賽。

🎉 緊鑼密鼓打起來! 灣谷展現實力的時刻又到了! 灣谷, 加油!

🎄No school next Friday (11/24).
Gear up for the busy and exciting schedule ahead!

Non-stop exciting cultural events are coming up after the Thanksgiving holiday!

👉12/15, singing and drawing contests;
👉1/26, Read-aloud contest: Accepting teachers' recommendation of students who represent BVCS to participate in the ANCCS pencil calligraphy and Chinese pinyin contests;
👉2/10, BVCS "Year of the Dragon Lunar New Year Celebration"!
👉3/24, ANCCS Academic Contest Day!

🎉 Time to show the BVCS spirit! BVCS! jiayou!!


  Thank You Donor   ❤️感謝灣谷捐款人

❤️Thank you, dear donors!

灣谷中文學校是非營利組織, 因為一份對中文教育的使命, 我們犧牲奉獻時間, 精神, 努力辦學! 您的捐款不但可以抵稅, 還可以給我們一雙翅膀, 讓我們有能力舉辦有意義 的文化活動, 帶孩子翱翔。
Bay Valley Chinese School is a non-profit organization. We devote our time and energy and work hard to run the school. Your donation is not only tax-deductible but also gives us a pair of wings, allowing us to hold meaningful cultural activities and take our children to fly!

❤️ 衷心感謝灣谷中文學校 張東明董事長,慷慨解囊,協助灣谷辦學!
❤️ Our heartfelt appreciation to the Chairwoman of Bay Valley Chinese School, Evelyne Chiang, for her generous donation!

姓 名
頭 銜
Donation Amount
Evelyne Chiang
灣谷中文學校 董事長
Chairwoman of BVCS
US $1,000


Halloween Winner

Halloween Winner

🎉San Ramon 40週年夜光大遊行, 灣谷團隊亮起來!
11/4 舉行的「San Ramon 40週年夜光大遊行」, 張東明董事威風凜凜, 打著大鼓, 帶領 灣谷團隊遊行前進! 灣谷小獅子亮起來! 夜色中的灣谷, 閃閃發光! 灣谷得到評審佳 作獎, 太棒啦!
❤️ 感謝高竹儀副校長, 不但用燈光妝點小獅頭, 還臨場辛苦指導小朋友跳舞獅。灣谷小獅子現學現賣, 表現不俗!
❤️ 感謝灣谷同仁, 老師, 助教, 家長, 小朋友, 同心協力, 讓灣谷團隊亮起來!

🎉The BVCS team shines bright at the San Ramon 40th Anniversary Light Parade!
At the "San Ramon 40th Anniversary Light Parade" held on 11/4, BVCS chairwoman Evelyne Chiang was playing a big drum and leading the BVCS team in the parade! Our lion cubs light up! The BVCS sparkles in the night! We won the honorable mention. Way to go! BVCS!
❤️Thanks to Vice Principal Becky Kao, who not only decorated the little lions with lights but also worked hard on the spot to guide the children to dance the lion.
❤️Deep appreciation to our dear colleagues, teachers, TAs, parents, and children for working together to make the Bay Valley team shine!


Important Announcement

11/24 放假,感恩節
Holiday (Thanksgiving)
12/08 網路課
Online Instruction
12/15 校內歌唱比賽 / 西畫比賽日
Intra-school Singing & Drawing Contests
12/22 寒假
Winter Break
12/29 寒假
Winter Break
01/05/2024 寒假
Winter Break


  Parent Yard Duty   👉徵求 12 月, 1 月, 2 月,校園巡守隊月隊長
灣谷中文學校是一個由義工所組成的非營利組織,有家長的積極參與, 才能順利推動校務。
12 月, 1 月, 2 月的校園巡守隊月隊長,尚無人選。人手短缺,嚴重影響孩子的校園安全。
邀請熱血家長,來當灣谷的月隊長吧! 帶領校園巡守隊,巡邏,照護,關懷孩子們,讓孩子看到英勇的爸爸媽媽,
正在守護著 大家的安全!
有關月隊長的任務,請聯繫訓導主任蔣國恩: fchiang@outlook.com

👉December, January, February Monthly Yard Duty Leads Needed!
This is one of the most rewarding jobs that you can help out with BVCS, and become an integral part of the school security team by enforcing safety for all the kids & adults. We are the team that directs traffic, ensures safety for the entire campus between 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m., manages all of the emergency drills, and places band-aids on your kids when they fall during break time.

We are extremely shorthanded this year and still have three months open. The months we need a lead for include Dec/2023, Jan/2024, and Feb/2024. If you are interested in 2024/2025, please let us know as well. Your responsibilities are to coordinate, manage, & lead all facets of security for the entire month that you sign up for. We desperately need you to consider this position. Please contact Frank Chiang at fchiang@outlook.com for any additional questions/information.

⚠️ 11/17/2023, 校園巡守隊名單 Campus Patrol List this Friday:
本週輪值家長,請於 6:45pm 向隊長 Patrick Mok 報到。巡守任務於 8:50 pm 結束。 相關問題, 可詢問訓導組蔣國恩主任: fchiang@outlook.com.
⚠️Designated parents in the table below should sign in this Friday with our Yard Duty Lead of November, Patrick Mok. Only one parent/guardian from a household needs to be on duty. Duty starts from 6:45 p.m. to 8:50 p.m.a Please contact Frank Chiang, the Director of Student Affairs, at fchiang@outlook.com if you have any questions.

Yard Duty


  Photo logo   相片集錦 Photo Album

🎃The BVCS Halloween costume parade winners happily held their prizes, the cute stuffed animal pillows!

Halloween Winner's Gift

Halloween Winner's Gift

❤️The sweet BVCS team



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