Week of 10/27/2023
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Online Class

⚠️ 10/27上網課,準時上線上課喔!

⚠️ 10/27, this Friday, instruction is scheduled to be held online.
Please refer to your teacher’s email for information on accessing the online session. Your timely presence is greatly appreciated!


Singing Drawing

👉歌唱 / 西畫比賽,報名如火如荼展開!
🏮線上報名連結, 請按這裡。
🏮中文報名規則說明, 請按這裡。

👉Chinese Songs Singing Contest & Western Drawing Contest open for registration.
Date of our Singing and Drawing Contests: December 15., 2023
Registration deadline: November 10, 2023
🏮Registration method: complete this FORM online.
🏮Contest Guidelines & Rules: click HERE for more details.
👆NOTE: It is crucial to carefully review the contest guidelines and rules as they provide specific details such as the choice of song, the type of drawing mediums and the maximum time allowed. For further questions or clarifications, please feel free to reach out to the contest coordinator, Angela Chou, at BVCS.epcontest@gmail.com


Important Announcement

10/27 網路課
Online Instruction
11/10 校內歌唱,畫畫比賽,截止報名!
Last day to register for Singing & Drawing Contests!

Holiday (Veterans Day)
11/24 放假,感恩節
Holiday (Thanksgiving)
12/08 網路課
Online Instruction
12/15 校內歌唱比賽 / 西畫比賽日
Intra-school Singing & Drawing Contests
12/22 寒假
Winter Break
12/29 寒假
Winter Break
01/05/2024 寒假
Winter Break


  Parent Yard Duty   👉徵求 12月,1月,2月,校園巡守隊月隊長
灣谷中文學校是一個由義工所組成的非營利組織,有家長的積極參與, 才能順利推動校務。
邀請熱血家長,來當灣谷的月隊長吧! 帶領校園巡守隊,巡邏,照護,關懷孩子們,讓孩子看到英勇的爸爸媽媽,
正在守護著 大家的安全!
有關月隊長的任務,請聯繫訓導主任蔣國恩: fchiang@outlook.com

👉December, January, February Monthly Yard Duty Leads Needed!
This is one of the most rewarding jobs that you can help out with BVCS, and become an integral part of the school security team by enforcing safety for all the kids & adults. We are the team that directs traffic, ensures safety for the entire campus between 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m., manages all of the emergency drills, and places band-aids on your kids when they fall during break time.

We are extremely shorthanded this year and still have three months open. The months we need a lead for include Dec/2023, January/2024, and Feb/2024. If you are interested in 2024/2025, please let us know as well. Your responsibilities are to coordinate, manage, & lead all facets of security for the entire month that you sign up for. We desperately need you to consider this position. Please contact Frank Chiang at fchiang@outlook.com for any additional questions/information.


  Photo logo   相片/影片集錦 Photo/Video Album

🎃Bay Valley Halloween Parade! 🎃
Eye-catching class banners from our enthusiastic teachers elicited applause from our guests and parents!

Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade


  1. 老師們費心訓練小司儀代表,小司儀的公眾演說,表演好出色!👍
  2. 各班級代表家長,協助老師維持遊行隊伍秩序,為小朋友整隊。🙏
  3. 行政團隊用心的同仁,盡心盡力推動萬聖節遊行活動!🙏
  4. 為孩子們精心打扮的爸爸媽媽,灣谷的孩子們,從小班到大班,太可愛了!❤️
  5. 專程提前到校,為老師和孩子們熱烈歡呼的熱情家長!👍❤️

❤️Special Thank you to:

  1. Amazing teachers for shaping and coaching student emcees.
  2. Fantastic room parents for their invaluable assistance in maintaining order.
  3. Dedicated BVCS administrative team in orchestrating this wonderful event.
  4. Creative parents who brought out the inner princesses, monsters, dinosaurs, and warriors in our students. They are awesome!
  5. Enthusiastic parents whose cheers and support to both teachers and children are extremely heartwarming!

Exciting reveal of the top 5 Halloween costume winners next week! Don’t miss the highlights of our spectacular Halloween Parade in the video below.

Check out more Halloween photos on BVCS's Facebook page


  Community Bulletin Board   社區活動分享
Community Events

👉10/29,台灣Ya市呀 & 萬聖節兒童變裝秀!
萬聖節兒童變裝秀同步舉行,歡迎小朋友上台亮相走台步,前三名有現金獎,佳作也有豐 富獎品。

時間:10-29-2023,週六,2 pm - 5 pm
地址:100 South Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035

👉10/29 Taiwan Night Market in SFBA & Halloween Costume Contest!
Savor the delectable delights of Taiwanese night-market snacks!
Watch your child light up the stage at the Costume Contest!
Bond with your loved ones with the one-of-a-kind family activities!

Just to mention a few of the snacks offered: onigiri, stinky tofu, wheel cakes, pickled guava Chiayi chicken rice, sugarcane juice, winter melon tea, etc.
Simultaneously taking place is the Halloween Costume Contest for children.
Encourage your child to go on stage and showcase their creativity. Fantastic cash prizes go to top three contenders and other wonderful prizes to outstanding participants.
Step into the main hall and immerse yourself in the captivating performances of lion dance, diabolo (Chinese Yo-Yo), Taiko drumming, San Tai Zi (Nezha) Dance and indigenous dance.
Explore cultural game booths and handicraft stalls both indoors and outdoors.

Time: October 29, 2023 (Saturday) 2 pm – 5 pm
Place: Culture Center of T.E.C.O. in San Francisco (Milpitas)
Address: 100 South Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035

Taiwan Night Market

Taiwan Night Market