Week of 10/14/2022
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  Reminder   10/14, 10/28,網課: 老師將寄出網課的連結和密碼。學生務必遵守網路教室秩序,專心上課勿分心,也請家長從旁督促協助。

10/14, 10/28: Online classes.
The teachers will send out an online class link. Students must respect and follow the rules. Parents, please provide help if needed to make sure your children are paying attention in class.


  Halloween   10/21,全校萬聖節遊行:秀出你獨特的萬聖節裝扮吧!

10/21: Halloween Parade
Show off your Halloween costume and have fun!


  Field Trip   Blackhawk Museum   Blackhawk Museum


11/11: "Blackhawk Museum" cultural field trip
The school has sent out an email to notify families which have successfully signed up for the field trip. Please turn in your signed student waiver to school office A101 on 10/21.


  Keeping Schools Safe   全校緊急疏散演習,震撼教育成功!
謝謝訓導主任蔣國恩的細心安排,也感謝急救講座的主講人--灣谷中文學校的熱心家長,Ryan Wu,為大家詳細解說急救要領,講座精彩受用。

Great teamwork on the School emergency drill!
Thanks to the student affairs director, Frank Chiang, for arranging the emergency drill. Thanks to the first-aid class keynote speaker, Mr. Ryan Wu, who provided many valuable tips for campus safety.


  Important Announcements   重要通知
Important Announcements:

  1. Seeking a Yard Duty Lead for the month of March!

    Yard Duty Lead is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have at BVCS. Shift-leader's responsibility is to coordinate, manage, & lead all facets of security for one (1) month out of the year. Taking up this position will fulfill your yard duty obligation.
    Please contact Frank Chiang at fchiang@outlook.com for more details.

  2. AmazonSmile
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  Photo Gallery   相片集錦

Photo Gallery

熱心家長,Ryan Wu,精彩又實用的的急救講座,讓大家獲益匪淺。
Our marvelous parent, Mr. Ryan Wu, offers many professional first-aid tips.

First Aid Tips First Aid Tips First Aid Tips

Yard-duty parents in the first-aid class.

Yard Duty Parents

The emergency drill. Students followed their teachers to the designated safe location.

Emergency Drill

感謝Ryan Wu專業的校園安全急救講座。
Thanks to Mr. Wu and Mrs. Wu for offering a great school safety class.

First Aid

The student activity director, Julie, prepared hot tea for teachers, staff, and parent volunteers.

Activity Director Activity Director

Chairwoman, Evelyne Chiang, brought healthy steamed buns to the school to express her gratitude to all the teachers and staff for their hard work.

Steam Buns

Check out the BVCS photo album!