Week of 09/22/2023
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Important Announcements

  September 22   1. 校園巡守隊急救課程. Room A101辦公室
    First Aid Class for Yard Duty volunteers

2. 全校緊急疏散演習
    Campuswide Emergency Evacuation Drill

今天將進行校園安全疏散演習。家長休息室,今天將關閉。除了校園巡守隊義工家長之外, 請所有家長勿逗留校園,感謝您的配合。

9/22,Emergency Evacuation Drill Alert
We will be exercising an emergency evacuation drill this Friday. The Parents' Lounge will be closed today. Except for parents who are volunteers on campus patrol, all parents are asked not to stay on campus. We appreciate your cooperation.


  Parent Yard Duty   9/22/2023,校園巡守隊名單
Campus Patrol List this Friday:

本週輪值家長,請於 6:45pm 向隊長報到。巡守任務於 8:50pm 結束。相關問題,可詢問訓導組蔣國恩主任: fchiang@outlook.com.

Designated parents in the table below should sign in this Friday with our Yard Duty Lead of September, Frank Jiang. Only one parent/guardian from a household needs to be on duty. Duty starts from 6:45 pm to 8:50 pm. Please contact Frank Chiang, the Director of Student Affairs, at fchiang@outlook.com if youhave any questions.

Yard Duty


  Community Bulletin Board   社區活動分享 Community Events

 Taiwan National Day Drawing Contest

👉國慶繪畫比賽 -- 報名日期:9/1/2023 – 9/30/2023
免報名費,第一名獎金高達 150 美元喔!
舉凡和台灣有關的元素,例如:國慶升旗典禮,中文學校舉辦的國慶慶祝活動 ,國慶日聚餐,和父母回台灣參加升旗典禮...等等,同學們可以挑選印象最深 刻的雙十國慶相關活動來作畫。
比賽詳情及下載紙本報名表格,請點閱 這裡
網路報名表,請點閱 這裡

👉Taiwan National Day Drawing Contest -- Registration Period: 9/1 – 9/30
The Association of the Northern California Chinese Schools is hosting the "Celebrating the Glorious October" Drawing Contest. The contest is free to enter and comes with an attractive first-place cash prize of $150.
Contestants can incorporate in their artwork anything that reflects an impressive perspective of the Double-Tenth Day. Here are some ideas to consider: National Day flag-raising ceremony held by officials, National Day celebrations organized by Chinese Schools, a National Day feast with family and friends, and a visit to Taiwan to attend a flag-raising ceremony with parents, etc... Any heartwarming and memorable activities or experiences relating to the celebration of the National Day could be wonderful materials for your artwork.
Please click here to find out more details and download the registration form, or you can click here to register online.

 Blackhawk Museum

👉東灣黑鷹博物館 ─ 9/30 免費參觀
9 月30 日中秋節,黑鷹博物館將首次舉辦亞裔文化節慶,除了開放全館免費 參觀,並有多元的亞裔文化節目。館內的中國館,收藏豐富,是親子文化之 旅的好選擇。 世界日報相關報導

👉Mid-Autumn Special Treat at Blackhawk Museum ─ 9/30 Free Admission
On September 30, the Blackhawk Museum in Danville will host its first-ever Mid-Autumn Asian Cultural Festival from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. While you could immerse into the captivating celebration of Mid-Autumn with multicultural performances, you will also have free admission to the museum and experience 5000 years of Chinese history in the "INTO CHINA GALLERY." The cultural richness and the exuberant festivities will all make it an unforgettable family journey with your loved ones. For more details, please read the World Journal article.


  Photo logo   相片集錦 Photo Album

❤️靜靜等候, 照顧小朋友的灣谷助教哥哥姊姊
❤️Caring teaching assistants calmly waiting to look after young children.


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