Week of 09/01/2023
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Room Parent Meeting

班級家長代表會議: 9/1, 7:10 pm ~ 7:50 pm (A101 office)
全校十四個班級, 十四位熱心的家長代表全部到位!
這個禮拜五, 請到 A101 辦公室,喝咖啡, 吃點心, 和行政團隊一起腦力激盪。
您是家長, 老師, 學生, 和學校之間的重要橋樑。
同舟共濟, 群策群力, 為灣谷今年的教學和活動努力!


Room-Parent Meeting: 9/1, 7:10 pm ~ 7:50 pm (A101 office)
14 classes with all 14 enthusiastic Room Parents enlisted!
This Friday in Room 101, you are cordially invited to an orientation meeting where you will enjoy some refreshments and brainstorm with our administrative team on how to use the class fee fund and support various school events.

As a Room Parent, you serve as a crucial bridge of communication among students, teachers, parents, and the school. The success of school events and activities depends on your assistance and dedication.

Thank you all for signing up for such an important job. The time you spend in this capacity is greatly appreciated by our teachers and staff. Let’s team up, boost our collaborative spirit, and strive for the best for Bay Valley!

👉You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the duties of room parents by clicking the following link:


  Important Date   September 1
Room-parent meeting with Administrative Staff

September 22
Emergency Evacuation Drill


Parent Yard Duty

9/01/2023,本週校園巡守隊名單 Campus Patrol List this Friday:
灣谷中文學校是非營利組織, 教職人員有限, 非常需要義工家長投入, 分擔責任。
一個家庭只需要一位家長輪值, 本週輪值家長, 請提前到校, 於 6:45 pm 向隊長 Frank Chiang 報到, 巡守任務於 8:50 pm 結束。下方為本週家長校園巡守隊輪值名單。
有關巡守隊責任, 或需要更改輪值日期等相關問題, 請 email 訓導組蔣國恩主任: fchiang@outlook.com.
BVCS is a non-profit organization. To keep the tuition affordable, all parents are expected to devote a certain number of service hours to support school operations. Only one parent/guardian from a household needs to be on duty. Designated parents listed in the table below should sign in with our Yard Duty Lead, Frank Chiang, this Friday. Duty starts from 6:45 pm to 8:50 pm.
Should you have questions about the schedule of your yard duty, please contact Frank Chiang, the Director of Student Affairs, at fchiang@outlook.com.

Yard Duty


Important Announcements

1. 如何聯絡校方 Ways to Contact Bay Valley Chinese School
緊急事件, 或任何與校務相關問題, 建議, 歡迎直接聯絡李娜亞校長:
(628) 333-9229.
For inquiries that need immediate response, please email to our principal at noyalee.bvcs@gmail.com or call her hotline at (628) 333-9229.

2. 口罩與健康 Masking Protocols
學校沒有佩戴口罩的規定,學生、家長和訪客可以根據自己的意願和個人風險,自行決定是 否佩戴口罩。 但是有鑑於最近冠狀病毒傳播有上升的趨勢,校方鼓勵老師,職員及助教在 教室內戴上口罩。

灣谷的公共衛生指南一向與聖拉蒙聯合校區及加州公共衛生署的方針看齊。 加州公共衛生部建議在以下情況下佩戴口罩:

Masking is not required at school. Students, parents and visitors are always welcome to wear a mask at their own discretion, based on their preference and personal risk. However, as coronavirus transmission has started to uptick in California recently, we would highly recommend our teachers, staff and teaching assistants to wear a mask in an indoor setting.

Our health watch protocols align with the latest guidance provided by the San Ramon Unified School District and the California Department of Public Health. CDPH advises putting on a mask if:

3. 校園安全和規範 Campus Safety and Security Guidelines

  1. 學生不可攀爬, 快跑, 推擠。
  2. 上課中途進入校園的成人, 請先向校園巡守員登記, 表明身分。
  3. 教室內不可飲食。
  4. 尊重地主學校, 保持教室清潔, 切勿任意使用或搬動教室內任何物品。

Our parent-yard-duties are entrusted with the responsibilities to monitor student activity and behavior on the school campus. In order to ensure a safe environment conducive to learning, our yard-duties will enforce the following rules:

  1. Students are prohibited from climbing, running or causing disruptions on the campus.
  2. Visitors who are not an immediate relative of students must check in with the yard-duty at the front gate and record on the "visitors book" their name, signature, the purpose of their visit, and the date and time of their arrival and departure.
  3. No eating or drinking inside the classrooms.
  4. Respect the host school, keep the classroom clean, leave items in the classroom as they are (including computer, documents, camera and students' artworks), and refrain from using or moving them.


  Photo logo   相片/影片集錦 Photo/Video Album

謝謝辛苦的校園巡守隊長, John🙏
Thank you, John, for volunteering to be our campus patrol lead🙏

Patrol Lead

下課了, 爸爸媽媽來接小朋友下課了!❤️
Class dismissed; parents came to pick up their kids!❤️

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