Week of 4/22/2022
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Attention please: This Friday (April 22nd), we will conduct our instruction online instead of in-person because Pine Valley Middle School is hosting activities in the evening.

Please check if the 2022-2023 Registration Forms have promptly arrived at your (parents') email inbox. Your teachers sent them out to you last week.Should you not have received these forms by now, please contact the school immediately.

Photography Studio

  Camera   《灣谷攝影沙龍》 BVCS Photography Studio


A massive thank you to photographer Sean Chien for taking photos of professional quality for our students, teaching assistants, teachers and staff last Friday. These photos document sweet memories that we would cherish forever and will be included in BVCS' 20th anniversary commemorative yearbook. Please stay tuned!The photo shoot could not be performed so smoothly and completed so efficiently without the coordination efforts of the following colleagues: Christine Chien, David Yuen, Melody Tsai, Hsiaoling Chin, Angela Chou, and Vicky Chung. Thank you for setting up the studio so professionally and monitoring the process so orderly.


B組作文比賽第一名五年級洪千淳。 Division B First Place winning entry, by Leanne Hung (5th grade)

Leanne Hung

B組作文比賽第二名五年級黎安怡。 Division B Second Place winning entry, by Jillian Secrest (5th grade)

Jillian Secrest

B組作文比賽第三名五年級莫宇芷。 Division B Third Place winning entry, by Taylor Mok (5th grade)

Taylor Mok

KB 學生正專心一意的在練習寫字! KB students giving their undivided attention to writing practice!


好同學又是好兄弟! Best classmates, best brothers, and best buddies!


On the ringing of dismissal bell, caring fathers cheerfully came to pick up their children! Time to go home!



Important Dates:

April 22 Online Instruction 網課
April 29 Registration for Returning Students & their Siblings
May 6 Registration for New & Returning Students
May 13 Last Day of School/Carnival


Community Activities:

Exchange Club

Check out the BVCS photo album!