Week of 01/14/2022
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Year of Tiger

歡迎返校!喜迎 2022 到來,我們心懷希望一切都會變好的正向心態,同時仍需小心面對 Omicron 病毒來勢洶洶的感染力。校方顧及近期社區感染人數持續激增,為緩和大家對返校實體上課的不安憂慮, 本週五( 1/14 )改成線上教學,並請留意各班老師發出的電郵。

"Crossing over to a new year, and beckoning a fresh start"
Welcome all to the start of our second semester. As we usher in 2022 with a positive mindset, we should also be cautious when confrontingthe menacing infectiousness of Omicron. In light of the surging cases in the community recently, and in an effort to alleviate parents' concern, BVCS' administration has decided to change to remote instruction on January 14 (this Friday). Please take note of the emails sent from your teachers.

*本學期行事曆已有修改,金黃色部分是顯示有更動活動日期或上課方式。原訂 2/11 的春節聯歡改期到 2/12 (星期六)在戶外舉辦。如有更多的變動,則以灣谷通訊上發布的訊息為準。

*The school calendar for this semester has been revised (see link below). The changes which have been highlighted in golden yellow could be a schedule change of activity or a change on the mode of instruction. The Chinese New Year Celebration which was originally planned for an indoor gala in the evening on February 11 (Friday) has been changed to an outdoor event in the afternoon on February 12 (Saturday). In case of further changes, the most updated information posted on the BVCS eNews will prevail.



董事長 ─ 張東明:曾擔任副校長兩年及教師九年。
副董事長 ─ 毛小苓:現任公關主任五年,曾擔任校長三年及董事長六年。
副董事長 ─ 張麗文:現任語文老師九年,曾擔任董事一年。
董事會秘書 ─ 潘善雲:現任董事會秘書十四年,曾擔任董事長、副董事長五年,財務長五年,稽核兩年。


Announcing BVCS' New Board Of Directors
The term of office of the BVCS board of directors expires at the end of last December. A new slate of board members has been elected. It is a delight to welcome these new board of directors who have previously served at our school for many years as outstanding administrators and/or experienced teachers.

Brief Introduction of the Members of the New Board:
Chairwoman Evelyne Chiang ─ previously served as Vice Principal for 2 years and as teacher for 9 years.
Vice Chairwoman Hsiaoling Mao Chin ─ has been serving as Director of Public Relations for the past 5 years, and previously served as Principal for 3 years and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors for 6 years.
Vice Chairwoman Shirley Lin ─ has been our language teacher for 9 years and previously served as BVCS's Board of Director for 1 year.
Board Secretary Cecilia Mok ─ has been serving as the Board Secretary for 14 years, and previously served as Chairwoman of the Board for 2 years and Vice Chairwoman of the Board for 3 years, as Treasurer for 5 years and as Auditor for 2 years.

BVCS is very blessed to have this new slate of Board joining the team. These individuals bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise and will be tremendous assets to our school as we further our founding mission of promoting Chinese education and culture in the community.

BVCS is deeply indebted to our outgoing Board of Directors, Chairwoman Hwa-San Chou who has served 3 terms since July 1, 2017, Vice Chairwoman Cecilia Mok who has served 3 terms since December 18, 2016, and Vice Chairwoman Sophia Chang who has served 2 terms since December 28, 2017. During their tenure, they have committed to their leadership roles enthusiastically and wholeheartedly.

灣谷新舊任董事線上交接會議 12/28/2021
BVCS Board of Directors' Handover Meeting held online on12/28/2021

Board of Directors' Handover Meeting


  Gratitude Appreciate   THANK YOU to the following generous donor for your most kind and generous gift to BVCS. Thank you again for your continued support!!!

$150 Cecilia Mok / Secretary of the BVCS Board of Directors


What's Happening

  1. 本學期家長輪值表,請查看以下連結。 Please refer to the link below for this semester’s yard duty list:
  2. 慶祝灣谷建校二十週年系列活動一: 繪畫、徵文比賽,主題為『我的中文學校』
    學生可通過圖畫,文字來表達對中文學校的感情及所學所聞, 收件截止日為 1/28/2022.
    BVCS's 20th Anniversary Celebration Event I: Drawing & Writing Contests on the topic of "My Chinese School"
    Last date for submission: 1/28/2022.

    Categories (1) Drawing Contest
    (2) Writing Contest
    Topic "My Chinese School"
    Why To encourage students to express their feelings of, as well as their ideas and experiences about Chinese School through the medium of drawing and essay writing.
    Where At the comfort of your home
    When To complete during the winter break,
    and submit to the office or to your teacher by 1/28/2022
    Who Group divisions of contestants:
    (1) Contestants in Drawing Contest classified by age/birthdate.
    (2) Contestants in Writing Contest classified by grade level.
    Group Division
    Guidelines Drawing: Any style of drawing is welcome. Letter-sized paper (8.5"x11") is preferred. Please remember to put your name and grade level on the back of the drawing.
    Writing Composition: Neat Chinese handwriting will be favored and will earn extra points. Please click Criteria for more information and print the writing sheet from your contest group.
    Prizes 3 winners would be chosen from each tier, with an award of $50 to 1st place, $30 to 2nd place, and $20 to 3rd place.


Important Dates:

February 11 No School
February 12 (Saturday) CNY Celebration 1:00-3:00pm at PVMS

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