About Us

The Bay Valley Chinese School is a non-profit organization managed by parent volunteers and motivated teachers.

Our school fund comes from student tuition, and student family/friend donation. The school budget is used on campus rent, custodian/janitor fee, teacher's compensation, teaching/student material, and school activities.

Today BVCS, as it's become known as, has a permanent location at the Pine Valley Middle School (3000 Pine Valley Rd, San Ramon, CA), with a community of over 200 families. It offers classes from Kindergarten through 7th grade.

Each school year begins in mid August and runs through end of May. Classes meet Friday evenings from 7pm to 8:50pm with a recess break. There is no Chinese instruction during the summer.

The objective of BVCS is to provide an excellent environment for students to learn Mandarin Chinese Language and to explore Chinese Culture. Our teachers are fun and experienced in Chinese language teaching. They are caring and strive to inspire students to have an appreciation for Chinese culture.

BVCS puts an emphasis on providing small class size with greater individualize attention and practice conversation with the teacher. Starting in the 6th grade, students learn Advanced Level Pinyin, which prepare them for college-level Chinese Language courses.

Parent partnership is a key to the success of our school program and to the success of our students. Our school welcomes you to join our volunteer team and make it a better place for your children and our community.

*BVCS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin and religion.