Week of 12/11/2020
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  Stay Home SAve Lives   最新居家令

The Latest Stay-at-Home Order
The record-breaking surge in new coronavirus cases is concerning and posting immediate risks to healthcare delivery. To prevent the spread of the virus, the Regional Stay At Home Order has been issued and effective since December 6 in California, putting a halt on the business reopening and impacting traveling and entertaining activities. The previously allowed social bubbles are now popped and private gatherings with members of other households are prohibited no matter what size of the group is. While we are expected to stay at home as much as possible, outdoor activity that is critical to physical and mental health is encouraged provided that it is done within the same immediate household. Trails, beaches and parks remain open to welcome people to hike and take a stroll. For more details about the new stay at home order restrictions, please view the follow link.


  Global Chinese Speaking Competition   全球華語口說爭霸賽
僑委會舉辦的 《華語口說爭霸賽》,自十一月初起經過三週激烈的比賽於 11/30 落幕,全球僑校學生共有一千七百多人、幾近六百隊參賽,競爭異常劇烈,前五名分數在 95 - 97 間。灣谷有四隊參加,這 12 位學生認真練習,從剛開始的 70 分,努力進步到後來的 90 幾分。非常感謝 2A 張瀞文老師和 5th 高竹儀老師撥冗訓練學生如何跟讀及正確發音,反覆練習挑戰個人極限,並取得更好的分數。線上比賽由人工智慧軟體為評審員,少了現場比賽心理壓力,可隨時隨地重複參賽,並且不限次數。恭喜參賽的學生取得優秀成績,他們的學習精神及參賽過程中所獲得的口語進步才是最終真諦。

The Global Chinese Speaking Competition
Recently the Overseas Community Affairs Council (Taiwan) hosted the first "Global Chinese Speaking Competition" for overseas Chinese school students. The competition was held from November 9 to November 30 and all activities were done online. Over 1,700 students and almost 600 teams participated in this fierce contest. The top 5 teams score within a range between 95 and 97. Representing Bay Valley Chinese School is a group of 12 students in the form of 4 teams. They started at the 70-mark and finally finished triumphantly at over 90. Many thanks to our coaches, 2A teacher Ms. Vicky Chang and 5th grade teacher Ms. Becky Kao, who spent many personal hours to tweak students' pronunciation, drill their delivery clarity and encourage them to outperform themselves. This virtual competition format, operated between the participant and the artificial intelligence system, allows students to challenge themselves anytime at the comfort of their home without the pressure of a judging audience. Best of all, there is no limit on their attempts. Congratulations on the efforts and achievements of these students. The essence of competition is to ignite students' desire to learn and to boost their confidence in the process. The enhanced oral skill that these students reap is their most rewarding gain.


Class 2A Team A : 王昱人 Ryan Wang 薛文傑 Jayden Sih 賴柏愷 Bo-Kai Lai
Class 2A Team B: 段泓宇 Preston Duan 李靖瑤 Serenity Li 顏若軒 Charis Ngan

Class 2A Team

5th Grade Team C: 張智成 Ethan Cheung 林志偉 Andrew Lin 丁相凱 Justin Ting
5th Grade Team D: 劉凱忻 Bethany Liu 劉凱誠 Jason Liu 黃強裕 Sean Wong

5th Grade Team

Our second teachers and staff meeting washeld last Friday via Zoom

Teachers and Staff Meeting


  Holiday Tree Showcase   Holiday Tree Showcase
Starting now, San Ramon City Hall's Rotunda will be lit with eight-holiday trees that each stand 12 feet tall! Each tree has been decorated by a City of San Ramon Foundation or Department to bring you extra joy this holiday season. Be sure to stop by City Hall to see the trees decorated for you to view and enjoy until January 4.


Important Dates:

December 18 Final Exam 期末考
December 25 No School ─ Winter Break
January 1 No School ─ Winter Break
January 8 School Resumes

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