Week of 12/10/2021
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  20th Anniversary Tote Bag   二十週年紀念品已在上週五發送給全校師生,希望大家喜歡這份具有灣谷歷史意義及榮耀的提袋書包,陪伴著您一起學習中文。尚未領取紀念品的學生,請盡快與校方聯繫,並安排領取時間,送完為止!

The 20th Anniversary tote bag was passed out to our students and teachers last Friday. We hope that you would like this bag, which embodies the fond memories of the school’s past and the significance of our accomplishments.Let it accompany you along the Chinese learning pathway. Students who have not yet received this souvenir should contact the administration soon to arrange a time for collection. This free gift is available for a limited time, while supplies last.
For the past two decades, enthusiastic and selfless administrative staff, teachers and volunteers have been pouring their sweats and soul to BVCS. We are so blessed to see this plot of Chinese learning garden growing and thriving strong. Time does not pause, and the learning never stops. The passing down our heritage is like a relay, depending on everyone to take part and pass on the baton.

Attention please: This Friday (December 10), we will have our classes online instead of in-person becausePine Valley Middle School is hosting activities in the evening.

慶祝灣谷建校二十週年系列活動一: 繪畫、徵文比賽,主題為『我的中文學校』
學生可通過圖畫,文字來表達對中文學校的感情及所學所聞, 收件截止日為 1/28/2022.
20th Anniversary Celebration Event I: Drawing & Writing Contests on the topic of "My Chinese School"

Categories (1) Drawing Contest
(2) Writing Contest
Topic "My Chinese School"
Why To encourage students to express their feelings of, as well as their ideas and experiences about Chinese School through the medium of drawing and essay writing.
Where At the comfort of your home
When To complete during the winter break,
and submit to the office or to your teacher by 1/28/2022
Who Group divisions of contestants:
(1) Contestants in Drawing Contest classified by age/birthdate.
(2) Contestants in Writing Contest classified by grade level.
Group Division
Guidelines Drawing: Any style of drawing is welcome. Letter-sized paper (8.5"x11") is preferred. Please remember to put your name and grade level on the back of the drawing.

Writing Composition: Neat Chinese handwriting will be favored and will earn extra points. Please click Criteria for more information and print the writing sheet from your contest group.
Prizes 3 winners would be chosen from each tier, with an award of $50 to 1st place, $30 to 2nd place, and $20 to 3rd place.


Important Dates:

December 17 Final Exam; End of 1st Semester
December 24 No School Christmas Holiday
December 31 No School Christmas Holiday
January 7 No School Christmas Holiday
January 14 School Resumes
February 11 (New Date) CNY Celebration


行政教務會議 Staff & Teachers Meeting last Friday on 12/3/2021

Teachers and Staffs Meeting


  Community Activities   Upcoming Community Activities:

Holidays in the Valley
博物館的展景之一 (圍爐年夜飯)

A snapshot of an exhibit at the Museum of San Ramon Valley -- New Year's Eve Dinner
New Year's Eve Dinner, also known as the Reunion Dinner, refers to the sumptuous family meal on the 30th of the last month. Family members working out of town will return home before the eve of the Lunar New Year. This once-in-a-year family gathering is considered extremely important for the Chinese people. Dishes are created to bring blessings and auspiciousness for the next year, and their names and shapes are symbolic wishes for prosperity and happiness. Customary dishes found in every household include chicken (homonymic for plan), fish (homonymic for surplus and abundance), lotus (homonymic for pairs), and dumplings shaped like golden ingots (homonymic for wealth). A family of all ages sits around the table, enjoying a feast of love and pleasant conversations.


Don't miss this special exhibition about Christmas and Chinese New Year at the Museum of the San Ramon Valley, located at:
205 Railroad Avenue, Danville (www.museumsrv.org). BVCS contributes major effort in developing part of the exhibit. Come one, come all!


Staff busily wrapping our anniversary souvenirs!

20th Anniversary

週五丹維爾鎮現任議員/四任市長Karen Stepper來訪,親切的和學生問好,這是頭一回政府官員在上課時間參訪本校。
Karen Stepper, an incumbent Danville Councilwoman and a former mayor for four terms, visited us and warmly greeted our students last Friday. This is the first time a government official visited our school during class hours.

Karen Stepper

Teachers and students were all happy to receive their BVCS anniversary souvenirs!

20th Anniversary

A free souvenir for everyone!

20th Anniversary

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