Week of 12/04/2020
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  Remote Learning   今年礙於疫情仍在大面積傳染的嚴峻狀況,感恩節假期大多數的家庭都選擇居家的方式來過節,遠離被病毒感染的危險,希望大家已應變出一套生活新模式,渡過了一個不一樣的感恩佳節。目前唯有眾人齊心合力,戴口罩,勤洗手,不群聚,保持社交距離才能早日走出居家避疫的管制,重回校園上課的願望。

Thanksgiving this year took on a new look as Coronavirus became more ubiquitous across the states. Most of the families celebrated only with their immediate household at home. Some organized a virtual dinner while others scaled back the gathering. Celebration was modified to minimize the risk of community transmission without sacrificing the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends.We hope you and your families had enjoyed a heart-warming time together no matter how different your Thanksgiving was. To stave off the darkness of this winter, we have to band together, avoid congregating, and adhere to mask wearing, social distancing and handwashing consistently. We would then be one step closer to ending shelter in place and reopening schools for in-person instruction.


  Thank You   自三月開始,學校每一位老師都兢兢業業面對線上教學的新挑戰,期使學生學習不中斷。他們利用課餘時間學習網上教學的新技能,重新備課,讓線上教學順利運作。在這感恩的季節裡,我們要向灣谷的老師致上最深的謝意,感謝他們每一位都是悉心戮力,認真盡責的好老師!

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is never too late to express gratitude to our teachers. We are so thankful for our teachers who took the bull of online teaching by the horns with the sheer intention to sustain uninterrupted learning. Ever since last March, they have been using personal time to hone their digital skills and tweak the wheel to fit the needs of students in the virtual classroom. They have gone out of their ways to conduct the class differently, address parents' concerns carefully and make improvement continuously. Their dedication and commitment have enabled our students to learn in a safe and productive environment. Let's give each and everyone of them a big round of applause for their fantastic job!


  Heart   在這歲末之際,讓愛與關懷分享他人!

Times flies on wings of lightning. In the last month of the year, the holiday season moves into full swing. As we celebrate with our family and friends, let us also plan to bring the spirit of gift giving and love sharing to those in need of help.


3B 李娜亞老師也是網路電視台老中新聞的主播,兩週前在新聞中介紹本校推出的『京劇之美』影片。
3B teacher Ms. Noya Lee is an anchor lady at the "News for Chinese" Internet Television by day. Two weeks ago, she reported on the "The Beauty of Chinese Opera," an English video production presented by BVCS for the San Ramon Culture in the Community Celebration.

Noya Lee

近期本校 KA 康琦老師以及 5th 高竹儀老師參加了由中華民國僑委會舉辦的華文老師線上遠距研習班。感謝兩位老師利用三週時間,克服兩地時差的問題,潛心求知的勤學態度,成功完成此研習課程!
Recently KA teacher Ms. Chi Kang and 5th grade teacher Ms. Becky Kao completed a 3-week Virtual Teachers Training hosted by the ROC (Taiwan) Overseas Community Affair Council. They overcame the obstacle of different time zones, and exhibited persistent desires for self-enrichment. Their efforts are well recognized.

Virtual Teachers Training

Class 1A with new teacher Ms. Shu-ping Hsyu.

Shu-ping Hsyu

Important Dates:

December 18 Final Exam 期末考
December 25 No School ─ Winter Break
January 1 No School ─ Winter Break
January 8 School Resumes

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