Week of 11/06/2020
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Parenting: One-on-One



Shelter in place and the partial lockdown confine the entire family to work and study under their roof. Majority of the time, the Internet is the only safe and sound resource to navigate and connect with the world outside. This unprecedented and unique global health emergency does not seem to be alleviated any time soon. Many households are overwhelmed and are grappling with how to mutually support each other's mental health. The COVID-19 PARENTING poster herein reminds us of the importance of "one-on-one time" among parents and children. Setting aside a brief quality and playful time with each child on a daily basis would not only bolster the parent-and child relationship but also build resilience. Some of the fun activities that you could model after are those games that our teachers play with your children in class.

Playful time is our best weapon against the Coronavirus pandemic. Halloween Costume Contest is one of BVCS' most fun traditions. The virtual Halloween Party last Friday was a blast. Teachers and students donned their incredible, wacky outfits and posted for the panel of judges, composed of the principal, board members and administrative staff, whom in their spooky disguises paid a brief visit to each class. A lot of joyful moments were added to our memory lane. Selecting the winners was a tough process. Judges evaluated the final display as much as the journey taken to create the costume and the excitement radiated from the character.


Best Custume

五名最佳變裝得獎者 Here are the 5 Best Halloween Costume Winners.
They would be contacted for their individual prizes.

3B Emma Leung 梁子祺 "The Vampiress"

The Vampiress

KA Gianna Frogner 朱美安 "The Red and White Rabbit on Mask"

The Red and White Rabbit on Mask

1A Jason Chen 陳嚮宇 "The Ironman"

The Ironman

KB Matthew Acon 謝浩恩 /3B Lucas Acon 謝浩明 "The Nintendo Switch Family"

The Nintendo Switch Family

5th grade teacher Becky Kao 高竹儀老師 "The Sorceress"

The Sorceress

團體獎 Honorable Mentions

Class 2A

Class 2A

Class 3B

Class 3B

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