Week of 10/30/2020
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Halloween Contest

                                                           Don't miss the fun event this Friday!


Halloween holds a special place in our hearts and offers a chance for us to release our buzzing imaginations. To spread the Halloween cheer in the midst of a pandemic, BVCS is going to substitute the on-campus costume parade with an online costume contest on the eve of Halloween this Friday. It is a time to connect and make memories. All, including teachers, teaching assistants and students, are welcome to put on your best ghoulish costume to class. Judges will be entering your virtual classroom at the scheduled time, as shown in the timetable below. 5 best costumes will be selected and announced on the next eNews.

Dress up for a magical evening and soak yourselves with spook this Friday!
Wish all of you a spooktacular Halloween !!!!
And, don't forget to enjoy the full Halloween Moon on Saturday. A full moon on Halloween has not occurred since 1944.


Timetable for Judges' appearance in your class
Class Time Slot Class Time Slot
1B 7:00-7:05 3A 7:30-7:35
KA 7:05-7:10 3B 7:35-7:40
KB 7:10-7:15 4th 7:40-7:45
1A 7:15-7:20 5th 7:45-7:50
2A 7:20-7:25 6/7 7:50-7:55
2B 7:25-7:30 8/9 7:55-8:00


4th grade teacher Ms. Sheue-Fen Lu's vivid body language brings learning to life.


Ongoing and incessant interactions between students and teacher in 4th grade classroom, a big class with 2 teaching assistants helping out.


8/9 年級高翃凌老師準備了內容豐富的中華文化,歷史,地理課程介紹給學生
Ms. Hongling Gao's 8/9 combo class offers a full array of enriched content in Chinese culture, history and geography.


Principal Kay Wang greeting the 8/9 combo class in their virtual classroom.

Principal Kay Greeting

2A 張瀞文老師的課堂上,學生正聚精會神地盯著螢幕聽老師上課
Attentive 2A students locking their eyes on their teacher Ms. Vicky Chang (Chang laoshi).


連連看 ─ 生字配漢拼
A fun and educational matching game ─ linking the Chinese character with its pinyin.


"打電話,喂喂喂"_ 會話練習
"Hello, may I speak to XYZ?" ─ joyfully practicing a telephone conversation.


Last Sunday, nine BVCS teachers and staff attended an all-day virtual administration workshop hosted by the Association of Northern California Chinese Schools whomcomplimented our school on our support.

Teachers and Staff Workshop

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