Week of 10/23/2020
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  Heart   疫情中戴口罩和保持社交距離的要求下改變了我們習慣作為和思維,過去以來社區都有多場戶外娛樂性夏季音樂演唱會,今年也只好改在線上進行,雖然少了現場的視聽效果,但也吸引上千觀眾在線上參與活動。



The novel coronavirus pandemic has irrevocably transformed our day-to-day lives across the globe, and created significant shifts in people's behavior and thinking. Face covering and social distancing become a norm in public places, and local authorities fervently advocate scaling back on large-group activities. Live concerts and entertainments have been moved from the summer outdoor stage to the virtual platform. Although live streaming events do not deliver the same experience as attending a show in person, these online performances are ubiquitous and drawing large audiences.

Live-stream performances not only keep the public arts alive while pubic life is on lockdown, they also provide a venue for fundraising. Last August our teaching assistants, Walter Chiu, Huey Chan, and a group of high school students premiered in a Dynamic Change benefit concert televised via YouTube channel to raise funds and awareness for the homeless and the needy people living in poverty. All the profits were contributed to efforts that would provide permanent housing solutions and vital support services to highly vulnerable families and individuals. The coronavirus might have shut down concert venues, but these youngsters through creative and innovative ways opened up their heart and soul to the less advantaged, warming the community and winning compliments.

The tsunami-like impact of COVID-19 on the economy is rampant. Many people are on reduced income and some have lost their jobs. Let's rise to the occasion, band together and extend a helping hand in whatever way we can in these dark times. All we need is to see a ray of sunlight amid an unprecedented health crisis.


  Look What's Happening!   線上萬聖節變裝比賽 10/30/2020
Halloween is around the corner. We will be having our annual costume contest online on October 30.


2B 學生練習用中文介紹自己和家人
2B students introducing their family members in Chinese


1B 袁珮菁老師正在和學生練習說"五"
1B teacher Virginia Yuan demonstrating the Chinese number "five"


Students finding colorful online teaching application attractive

Colorful Online Teaching Application

KB 江秀華正在指導學生如何剪字卡
KB teacher Tammy Tong guiding students to construct vocabulary cards


Students proudly displaying their vocabulary cards



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