Week of 10/09/2020
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  Quanlity, Quantity   遠距教學促成了『停課不停學』的目標,但在施行過程中,學生隔著螢幕學習,缺少在課堂上互動練習以及遠距離的疏離感,難免會出現上課注意力不集中的問題。中文學校學生多偏向被動求學為主的學習模式,網課教室內沒有前排、後排之分,老師對學生都是平等的,視聽效果也是平等的,所以在網路背景下學習,自主性要強,才能有效地學習。


Remote instruction was dished out as a school emergency measure to support the continuity of learning without interruption in face of the raging pandemic that caused school closure. As we make our way to the 7th week of school calendar, it seems that distance learning is going to stay for a longer term, and it is relieving to see that students have all settled in to their routines and many have progressed in the virtual classroom with confident strides.

The online learning modality emancipates teachers and students from the walls of a classroom and the physical setup of chairs and tables. Seating arrangements that used to affect how the teacher communicates with students and how students interact with one another no long exist. There are neither front rows nor back rows. Teachers and students are equal contributors, co-creating the educational experience together. A productive learning experience in this environment requires the participation of a motivated and proactive student.

Recognizing that interaction is critical in a virtual classroom, our teachers develop lesson plans that prioritize interactivities over cognitive load. Although our teachers continue to creatively involve and engage our students, some students might have difficulty managing their workload and assignments, whereas some are wishing for more rigorous and demanding materials. No matter which track your children are in, please do not hesitate to contact their teachers for any questions and concerns. Effective balancing of the quantity and quality of education would need nonetheless the participation of parents in the process.


灣谷花絮 BVCS Snapshots

Congratulations to our 6th grade teacher, Li-Hua Liao, who was recognized at the Confucius Memorial Ceremony on September 27 in the courtyard of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Milpitas, and received the 5-year Teaching Award.

Teacher Award

Our 3B teacher, Noya Lee hosted as the master of ceremony at the Confucius Memorial Ceremony and presented a bouquet of flowers to teacher Li-Hua Liao on behalf of BVCS.

Teacher Award

A Virtual Teachers Forum was held last Saturday on October 3. Both of the two invited guest speakers are mainstream high school teachers, Mrs. Streisand Hall and Mrs. Ma-Chen Tu. We were honored to have dignitaries from the Association of Northern California Chinese School participating in our forum. They were President Carol Hu, Vice President Celine Lee, and Director of the Education Division Katy Wu.

Teachers Forum

張翠姍老師目前任教於 Dublin High ,有兩位子女在本校就讀。
Mrs. Streisand Hall, a teacher at Dublin High and a parent of two BVCS students, is one of the two guest speakers at our Virtual Teachers Forum, held on October 3.

Mrs. Streisand Hall -  Guest Speaker

杜瑪瑱老師曾是灣谷創校元老教師,目前任教於 AcalanesUnion High School District 多間高中,也是 Lamorinda 地區中文課程的開創導師。
Mrs. Ma-Chen Tu, a former BVCS teacher in the earlier years and a Chinese teacher at several high schools in the Acalanes Union High School District, shared her teaching experience at our October 3 Virtual Teachers Forum. Mrs. Tu developed and created the district-wide Chinese curriculum.

Mrs. Ma-Chen Tu -  Guest Speaker

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