Week of 09/18/2020
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  Remote Learning   在疫情尚未解除仍有感染疑慮下,我們就被丟進了一個全新的,稱之為遠距學習的新世界中。老師們在靈活指尖下操作著新式的教學技能,學生們則要逐漸熟悉這全新的現狀,而家長在學生教育上的輔導角色則更趨重要。總之, 家長要同時兼顧自己工作又要指導子女做好線上學習,這責任真是不輕鬆。

下列幾個簡單的提示可幫助我們的學生有成效的網路學習。 1. 學習自主管理。 2. 安靜的上課場地,準備好所需文具及列印學習單。 3. 與老師有良好的溝通。 4. 選讀補充教材。 5. 準時上課並完成交付作業。 6. 適度休息及戶外運動。

Unresolved COVID-19 transmission concerns catapult us all into a brave new world that calls for distance learning. Teachers deftly hone their skills in new teaching techniques. Students grow to accustom to a new reality. Parents are left with a more hands-on role in their children's education. However, guiding children through online learning while juggling work is no easy task for parents.

Tips for Effective Remote Learning
To help students attain the most out of their remote learning experience, we have synthesized the following suggestions that would ease them into becoming attentive during class time.

  1. Empower your children to "own" their learning by promoting self-management and executive functioning. Provide support and encouragement and allow your children the opportunity to do their part.
  2. Dedicate a quiet location with good Internet connection solely for school-focused activities. Remove home clutter and mimic a classroom environment with pencils, stationery and learning materials on the desk.
  3. Keep open lines of communication with teachers and administrators. Voice your feedback, show your concerns, and express your appreciation.
  4. Enrich your children's learning with supplemental reading materials.
  5. Develop a habit to timely show up at the virtual classroom and turn in homework. Establish routines that would yield structured learning, and convey expectation that would foster accountability.
  6. Block time off for brain break and engage in physical activities outdoor.

Rock on with patience and positive attitude towards online learning and we would all benefit from the lessons that make us better.


小故宮文化講座 Cultural Seminar "Little Palace Museum"
感謝由三年 A 班張名薇老師主講的【小故宮】線上文化講座,得到參加者的熱烈好評且受益良多!張老師以深入淺出的課堂教學方式,生動流暢的口語解說故宮內的三大鎮館寶物毛公鼎、翠玉白菜、肉形石,並與現實生活中的酸菜白肉火鍋相結合,作為寓教於樂的最佳示範!藉此感謝潘善雲和蔡穎惠提供現場英文即時翻譯服務,雙語同步,效果甚佳!

The informative Cultural Seminar "Little Palace Museum" held via Zoom last Friday was very well received with many compliments. We are very grateful to 3A teacher Amy Chang who shared her wealth of knowledge of the three most popular masterpieces in Taiwan's National Palace Museum. Her vivid, lighthearted presentation rendered those lifeless antiques a voice to speak up: the inscriptions inside the Mao Gong Ding that are imbued with cultural connotations, the Jadeite Cabbage that exemplifies the craftsmanship through incorporating imperfections in the rock into the cabbage's stalks and leaves, and the pores and dimples on the skin of the Meat-shaped Stone that accentuate its striking visual similarities to a piece of braised "Dongpo Pork". At the end, the association of these treasures with her own making of streaky pork with picked cabbage hot pot makes it easier for everyone to relate these ancient artifacts to their daily life. Attendees found the exceptional presentation entertaining and educational.

Thanks to Cecilia Mok and Melody Tsai who performed simultaneous interpretation in the Zoom chat room to help engage attendees whose mother tongue is not Mandarin Chinese.

For those who missed the live seminar can now revisit the presentation in the following link:
Share recording with viewers 小故宮講座錄影連結
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BVCS' First Cultural Seminar ─ delivered by 3A teacher Amy Chang

First Cultural Seminar

Teacher Amy Chang, speaker of "Little Palace Museum" on 9/11/2020

First Cultural Seminar

The inscriptions inside the Mao Gong Ding

First Cultural Seminar

1st Teachers and Staff Meeting in 2020-2021 academic year

Teachers and Staff Meeting

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