Week of 09/10/2021
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好消息!新校址已在學區內覓得,九月二十四日將在 Pine Valley Middle School(PVMS) 返校上課,開始實體面授課程。PVMS地址是3000 Pine Valley Road, San Ramon.

Good news! BVCS has successfully secured Pine Valley Middle School (PVMS) as our new school site this year. In-person instruction will begin on September 24 at 3000 Pine Valley Road in San Ramon.

PVMS是目前在學區內所能找到最理想的教學場地,幾年前重新改建現已換然一新。本週內將拜訪PVMS校方人員做初次會面,溝通行事曆及緊急逃生路線圖。新校址座落於聖拉蒙市住宅區內,封閉式校園設計,四周建有圍牆,一個主要進出口,沒有大型停車場,但路邊可停車。請大家有空路過或專程走訪,計算一下如何到達學校最方便。更多確定的訊息將在下週灣谷通訊上公布,請看附件 校園地圖學校正門照片!

PVMS, having been renovated recently, is the most suitable campus for the age-range of our students. Administrative staff of BVCS and that of PVMS will have a meeting this week to discuss our calendar and the emergency evacuation route. Located in the residential area of San Ramon, PVMS is enclosed by walls on all sides with only one main entrance. Its parking lot is not huge; however, street parking is allowed. Parents and teachers, who are not familiar with PVMS, are advised to pay a visit ahead of time and figure out the best way to get there. More details will be announced in the next eNews. A photo of the school entrance and the layout of the campus are attached at the bottom of this newsletter.



Last Saturday the BVCS team composed of students, parents, teaching assistants, teachers and staff participated in the Kiwanis-Danville Parade, the theme of which was to honor our healthcare workers. Servicing the community has been BVCS' core vision for 20 years. This concept of service includes both the promotion of Chinese language and culture, as well as an active engagement with the local organizations. Partaking in the Danville Parade is one of our ways to show that BVCS is part of the Danville community. A big thank you to all those who came to represent BVCS in the parade. Please click the link here for photos of the parade:

Kiwanis-Danville Parade

Kiwanis-Danville Parade


  Room Parent Needed   Seeking room parentsfor 2B, 3B, 5th, &7th/8th

Since room parents are encumbered with the important duties of communicating between teacher and parents, and coordinating classroom parties and school events, they are exempted from yard duties. Come and help make BVCS the best for our children! Please play a proactive role, and sign up at:


  Google Photos   2021開學日歡迎會相簿
Photo Album: 2021 First Day of School Car Parade Celebration



Community Event: 9/11 Remembrance Event & Essay Competition

911 Remembrance Essay Competition

911 Remembrance Essay Competition Application


The main entrance of Pine Valley Middle School

Pine Valley Middle School

Address and layout of Pine Valley Middle School

PVMS Layout

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