Week of 08/28/2020
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  Zoom Guide for Students   上週五中文網課正式上線,視訊上課也不再是陌生的學習方式,學生隔著螢幕興奮且期待回到課堂和老師同學相見,課堂氣氛互動熱絡。


Last Friday our Chinese classes officially went online. Students were well oriented to the distance-learning environment, settling down in front of the screen and looking forward to the interaction with teachers and classmates. Sizzling hot was not only the temperature outside, but also within the virtual classroom that was toasted with excitement.

The drive-thru event on the first day of school sets the tone of our school's emphasis on relationship building and collaborative work. Face-to-face meeting helps develop trust between teachers and students. While students and parents picked up their textbooks and supplies from their teachers, they were also forging a connection. This bonding would establish the mood for learning and transition students to a great new year.

本週五 (8/28) 7:10pm ─ 7:50pm 家長會。 透過視訊方式,介紹灣谷行政團隊和家長相見,並說明這學年的運作方式和活動的安排,歡迎家長撥冗參加,互相交流!

A video meeting with parents is scheduled this Friday (August 28) between 7:10 pm and 7:50 pm. This is a great opportunity to get to know our administration team and get familiarized with our operation and activities. All parents and guardians are welcome to join and take part in discussion. Details for logging in the Zoom meeting are as follows.

  Subject: BVCS e-Parents Meeting
  Start time: Aug 28, 2020 07:10 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Look What's Happening!

敬請留意以下事項 Important Announcements:

  1. 2020-2021 學年新生註冊截止日為八月二十八日。
    August 28 is the new student registration deadline for the 2020-2021 school year.
  2. 每週三發送校內通訊,並在學校網站上同步刊登,如未收到電郵請與校方聯繫。
    Our weekly eNews is delivered every Wednesday to your email account and posted on the school website. If you have not yet received our eNews in your email, please contact the school administration immediately.
  3. 退課及退費規定如下:
    Below are the withdrawal deadline and the refund schedule.
    Procedure: Submit a written request for withdrawal via email to bayvalleychineseschool@yahoo.com. Please include: (a) student name, (b) class in 2020-2021, (c) address, and (d) parent's name. Refund checks will be issued within four weeks after the first day of school.
    Withdrawal date:     Deduction     Refund Amount
    On or prior to August 21, 2020     $50     $500
    Between August 22, 2020 and August 28, 2020     $140     $410
    On or after August 29, 2020     $550     $0 (No Refund)


Class List: 班級名單
Please click here for the teacher-student list.


Calendar 2020-2021
The BVCS Calendar can be viewed here.


Photo Album: Celebrating the First Day of School on 8/14/2020

Distributing textbooks last Sunday at Sycamore Valley Park and Ride.

Distributing Textbook
Distributing Textbook

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