Week of 08/21/2020
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  Distance Learning   歡迎返校
希望學生在上週五開學日的車遊活動上與老師開心相見。本週五遠距教學網路授課正式上線,仰賴家長支持並與學校攜手合作,力促學生有優良的表現。請在課前裝置所需 ZOOM 視訊軟體,並安排好子女上課的學習環境,七點準時連線上課。課程時間安排將由各班老師客製化施行。

Welcome back to a new school year. We hope that the drive-thru event on August 14, 2020 would help students feel more comfortable with their teachers. This upcoming Friday will begin our remote instruction. Your support is valuable to us as we work together for each student's success. Please install the ZOOM software ahead of time and accustom your children to a designated quiet learning space. Classes start sharply at 7:00 pm unless your teachers notify you otherwise. Teachers are allowed to customize the time and duration of classes to cater the needs of students.


  1. 本週日 (8/23) 10:00-11:00am 在 Sycamore Valley Park & Ride in Danville 發放幼稚班到三年級的課本。
    Textbooks for kindergarten through 3rd grade will be available for pick up at the Sycamore Valley Park & Ride this Sunday (8/23/2020) between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.
  2. 每週三發送校內通訊,並在學校網站上同步刊登,如未收到電郵請與校方聯繫。
    Please stay informed by checking our weekly eNews that is delivered every Wednesday to your email account and posted on the school website. If you have not yet received our eNews in your email, please contact the school administration immediately.
  3. 退課及退費規定如下:
    Please note the withdrawal deadline and the refund schedule below. Refund checks will be issued within four weeks after the first day of school.
    Withdrawal date:     Deduction     Refund Amount
    On or prior to August 21, 2020     $50     $500
    Between August 22, 2020 and August 28, 2020     $140     $410
    On or after August 29, 2020     $550     $0 (No Refund)

    Withdrawal/Refund Procedure: Submit a written request for withdrawal via email to bayvalleychineseschool@yahoo.com. Please include: (a) student name, (b) class in 2020-2021, (c) address and (d) parent's name.


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Photo Album: Celebrating the First Day of School on 8/14/2020

First Day of School
First Day of School

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