Week of 8/19/2016
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2016 學年度第 1 學期即將開始,在新的學年,您的孩子又更往上晉升一級,是成長,也是責任與希望。誠摯希望親愛的家長和學校一起為培養下一代的中文 能力與老師合作,成為好夥伴關係,使你的孩子有內外兼備的雙語實力。

8 月 19 日 學校開學, 7pm 準時上 課 。 學校 上 課 時 間 為 7pm - 8:50pm

請上網查閱 行事曆教室分配圖及學校訊息

First day of school is Friday, August 19. Class starts promptly at 7pm

Please visit school website for School Calendar, Classroom Map, and welcoming remarks from the principal. Click here for classlist.


Room Parents needed
Room parents are an invaluable resource at Bay Valley Chinese School. In this role, you are an important coordinator of many of the activities, events, and programs that make BVCS such a special place!! Room parent sign up NOW.


Zumba Fitness class still available!
Are you ready to stay in shape while waiting at BVCS? Join this adult only class from September 2.


Ice Cream Social 8/26
The ice cream social is coming soon. It is a great opportunity to meet other parents and families and to enjoy yummy ice cream. Please save the date on your calendar and come early for "double scoop", while supply lasts!! Here are the upcoming events for September:

  August 26th  
6pm - 6:50pm Ice Cream Social
7:15pm - 8pm New Parent Orientation in Room 600
Parent & Teacher Meeting in class
Last Day to Withdraw
September 2nd EP class starts


No Pokemon Go at BVCS
Please note that students are not allowed to play mobile game Pokemon Go while in school areas.


First Day of School