Week of 08/14/2020
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~~~ Message from Principal Kay Wang 校長宋國恩

新冠肺炎疫情持續燃燒蔓延,避免經由實體課堂上課可能造成感染及傳播的擔憂,線上學習已成為正常的學習方式。數月來家中有在學子女的家長,面對開學後的上課方式不確定,多出現焦慮及困擾。本校因應聖拉蒙學區的最終方案也做出類似的決定,顧及我們的學生有平靜安全的上課心情, 2020-2021 學年第一學期的課程全面改成遠距教學,若在公共衛生安全的許可下,第二學期將回復實體課堂教學。

本校秉持初心認真推動中文教育,在暑假期間推出四周 "灣谷線上夏令營" ,免費課程惠及所有學生。 老師們愛心給課,陪伴學生共度炎炎夏日,延續中文學習,提升聽說能力。在疫情影響下,戶外活動無法進行,網路課程發揮了學習無疆界的有效功能。現實面下失去實體課堂,也造成本校註冊人數銳減,有些班級回歸人數不足以致無法開班,則採併班處理。


  1. 所有學生在開課前裝置好 ZOOM 視訊軟體。
  2. 各家庭有一個 Google 電郵地址,方便老師傳遞教學訊息。
  3. 上課時除飲水,食物餐盤不上桌面,並打開電腦螢幕鏡頭。


It is with great pleasure and excitement that I welcome all of our students, parents, teachers and staff to the 2020-2021 school year at Bay Valley Chinese School (BVCS). I am honored to be your principal.

COVID-19 continues to rage like a forest fire, casting shadows and concerns over in-person schooling. Distance-learning which is effective at minimizing the risk of transmission has evolved to become the new norm in our educational system. Many parents experienced confusion and anxiety over the uncertain back-to-school decisions in the past couple of months. To ease parents' concerns, and to align with the decision of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, BVCS holding the wellness and safety of all stakeholders as the highest priority has opted for distance learning in the first semester and planned for in-person education in the second semester contingent upon public health safety condition at the time.

During these unprecedented and unpredictable times, BVCS continues to be proactive in educating our students. A four-week e-Summer camp was provided to our students at no cost between June and July. This monumental task was accomplished by a team of passionate teachers and staff. Under the wings of our caring teachers, students made great strides in listening and speaking this past summer. While the pandemic forces countries to lockdown and schools to close, remote instruction takes learning out of the physical boundary. However, keeping our school open in an era of virtual learning is a daunting task. The lack of physical presence and togetherness takes away bits and pieces of the core characteristics of BVCS, leading to the reduction in enrollment this year. To cope with insufficient enrollment, we have to combine several classes while reluctantly cancel some.

Fall of 2020 will take us to a new normal and find us connecting in new ways. Online classes are administered according to the school policies and based on the schedule stated in the school calendar. Students are expected to attend their classes on time. Considering the challenge of remote learning for our young kindergarteners and first graders, the instructional time will be shortened for 20 minutes per week. To enrich and supplement students' learning experience, we will host a series of culture seminars designed for various age groups.

Education is a joint venture between the school and parents. Here is what you can do to ensure a top-quality remote learning experience for your children.

  1. Install the ZOOM software before the first day of class
  2. Enable "video" on ZOOM during the entire class time, showing students' faces
  3. Create a GOOGLE email account to facilitate teachers' delivery of instructions and share of students' progress
  4. Refrain from placing food on students' desks during class time
  5. Discourage students from eating and allow only water drinking during class

Let's embrace the 2020-2021 school year with optimism. Let's join hands to make a robust and thriving BVCS experience. Looking forward to another year of excellence! See you on August 14.


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