Week of 5/25/2018
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  Last Day of School   This Friday, May 25th, is the Last Day of School!
One year has gone by so fast; hopefully our students have been enjoying their Chinese classes every Friday at Bay Valley Chinese School. Learning a second language requires a deliberate efforton a consistent basis over a prolonged period of time. It is a long-term project that takes time and effort to achieve a high proficiency! See you all when classes resume on August 17, 2018.


  Aloha   Aloha! Students, Teachers, Parents, and Friends, let's celebrate the end of the school year by joining BVCS' Carnival this Friday! Free admission!
  • Enjoy 14 Game Booths, Photo Booth, and Live Luau music and dancing
  • Earn a ticket after playing at each game booth
  • Redeem tickets for: Ice Cream (1 ticket), Silver Prizes (5 tickets), Gold Prizes (10 tickets)
  • Light snacks and bottled water are available for purchase on site.


5/25/2018 ─ Campus Patrol Duty List:


* Only one of the two parents needs to be on duty.

** Due to the fun event this Friday, we have considered the parents mightwant to be with their kids, so we only asked few scheduled parents to perform the yard duty. For the remaining parents on May 25th's yard duty list, their yard duty will be rescheduled to the first two weeks of the next school year.


Congratulations to the students of 8th/9th class for earning their Certificates of Completion from BVCS. Way to go!!!
Hats off to these high-achievers: Amber Chang 張艾兒,Huey Chan 陳曉怡,Claire Lin 林珈伃,Vivian Tseng 芷筠,and Jessie Yu 于樹曦。


Congratulations to our beloved Teaching Assistants, our high school graduates!
Kudos to these outstanding TAs for a job well done:
KA/Jack Lin 林志凱, KB/Lauren Liao 廖友瑄, 1A/Jaimie Jin 金昱瑄, 1B/Isabel Hsiao 蕭貝兒, 2B/Kristie Lin 林珈瑋, 3A/Daniel Kao 高吳晟佑, 3B/Henry Sun 孫承凱, 4B/Stephanie Huang 黃心妮, 6th/Eric Chen 陳柏瀚。

Wish you all the best in college!
They are admitted to Boston College, Penn State University, Purdue University, San Mary College, UB Columbia, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, UT Austin, UWashington! Hooray!

A Big Thank You to BVCS' Teachers, Staff, TAs, and Volunteers for your time and contribution. Your devotion and participation in all our events and activities made the 2017-2018 school year a great success!



Have a great summer!

See you on August 17, 2018!

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