Week of 05/07/2021
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Finish The School Year


As the final exam on this Friday approaches, students are immersing themselves in the preparation for their final rush to the finish line. All the hard work that students have been investing in their assignments and coursework for the entire year will come to fruition.


Given the efforts on mass vaccinations in the past few months, we are seeing a downward trend of confirmed coronavirus cases, a more widely reopening of the economy, and a lot more outdoor activities. BVCS is going to keep in sync with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District in heading towards an eventual return to in-person learning. Reopening together will be our goal. Parents could better the administration's planning effort by completing the 2021-2022 enrollment no later than May 21, 2021.


  Registration by Mail   新生註冊:

New Student Enrollment:
May 7, 2021 marks the first day for new students to register for the 2021-2022 academic year.
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恭喜 本校六位高中生助教: 林珈伃、邱華漢、郭芝稘、李昕、陳巧維、李恆頤, 今年將步出校門,進入理想大學的殿堂。他們個個品學兼優,並利用課餘返校服務多年,嘉惠學弟學妹,作為老師的好幫手。祝願他們學業有成,擁抱美好的大學生活!

Big Congratulations to our 6 college-bound teacher assistants : Claire Lin, Walter Chiu, Carys Kuo, Cynthia Lee, Victoria Chen, and Candice Lee. This year they will be graduating and moving onto the next milestone of their life. BVCS is very blessed and thankful to have these well-rounded youngsters who squeeze time off their already heavily loaded schedule and share their love and Chinese language skills with the BVCS community for so many years. We wish them all the best as they take on the challenges of college life.


五月二十一日 是本學年最後一次上課日,因無法租用原校址辦理活動,結業日將採車遊方式和大家說再見。各班老師將在現場分發獎狀、獎品及禮物,校方並將致贈一份水果派品給參加的每一個家庭。歡迎全校家庭駕車前來相見!

May 21, 2021 is the last day of instruction. Unfortunately, this year we could not host an on-campus event to bring the year to a proper close due to the fact that the Charlotte Wood Middle School site is not yet open for BVCS to use. Nevertheless, we are organizing a drive-through event at the Sycamore Valley Park and Ride parking lot in Danville to formally bid farewell to our students and families. Students will receive award certificates, report cards, and souvenirs from their teachers. The school will pass out a fruit pie to each family. Looking forward to seeing all our families in person!

End of the Year


Anna-Clara Siegert


BVCS Teachers and staff meeting on 4/30/2021

Teachers and Staff Meeting

Students of KB attentively learning new vocabulary


Tons of love in Class 1A


Class 2A in their happy comfort zone


Class 3B's greetings with all 10 digits


Class 8th/9th taking a lesson in Chinese martial arts



Mother's Day


Important Dates:

May 07 Registration for New Students
May 14 No School
May 21 Celebrate Last Day of School at the Drive Thru Event

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