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The Hundred Family Surnames


The Hundred Family Surnames (or Bai Jia Xing) is a classic Chinese text containing hundreds of Chinese family names. The originallist of surnames that was compiled in Northern Song Dynasty (10th century) was later expanded to 568. Among those, 444 are single-character surnames and 124 are double-character surnames. The order of these surnames is not arranged in commonality, reflecting the size of the group under a particular surname. It is believed that the first four surnames in the book represent the most important families in the empire at that time.

Chinese are mindful of their genealogy and family ties.Surname, a source of common allegiance, bestows a unique identity to the Chinese and reminds them of the fact that they are part of a continuing chain of life. It helps anchor individuals in a larger collective and it holds the key to the understanding of Chinese sociology, history and heritage.

過去缺乏標準標音系統往往同一姓氏翻譯成外文時就會出現不同的音譯,就像“陳”會出現下列音譯:Chen, Chin, Chan, Chinn, or Tran,所以能『寫』是一項很重要的中文能力。

The lack of a standardized Romanization system to transcribe Chinese surnames into foreign language makes it more important to know how to write the character. 陳 is always written as 陳 no matter how it is translated in different languages (such as Chen, Chin, Chan, Chinn, or Tran).


Early this year, BVCS hosted a virtual Pencil Calligraphy Contest, in which our students at the beginners' level wrote their own Chinese names. The effort and concentration shown behind those composition and strokes were impressive. We wish our students would appreciate the unique Chinese writing system and value their ability in writing Chinese. Before the time of graduation, all students should be able to properly and beautifully write out their names in Chinese.


Below are the most common Chinese surnames in 2020. See if you can locate your last name here.
王 (Wang),李 (Li),張(Zhang),劉 (Liu),陳 (Chen),楊 (Yang),黃 (Huang),趙 (Zhao),吳(Wu),周(Zhou),徐(Xu),孫(Sun),馬(Ma),朱(Zhu),胡(Hu),郭(Guo),何(He),林(Lin),羅(Luo),高(Gao),鄭(Zheng),梁(Liang),謝(Xie),宋(Song),唐(Tang),許(Xu),韓(Han),鄧(Deng),馮(Feng),曹(Cao),彭(Peng),曾(Zeng),蕭(Xiao),田(Tian),董(Dong),潘(Pan),袁(Yuan),蔡(Cai),蔣(Jiang),余(Yu),于(Yu),杜(Du),葉(Ye),程(Cheng),魏(Wei),蘇(Su),呂(Lu),丁(Ding),任(Ren),盧(Lu),姚(Yao),沈(Shen),鍾(Zhong),姜(Jiang),崔(Cui),譚(Tan),陸(Lu),范(Fan),汪(Wang),廖(Liao),石(Shi),金(Jin),書(Shu),賈(Jia),夏(Xia),傅(Fu),方(Fang),鄒(Zou),熊(Xiong),白(Bai),孟(Meng),秦(Qin),邱(Qiu),侯(Hou),江(Jiang),尹(Yin),薛(Xue),閻(Yan),(Duan)段,雷(Lei),龍(Long),黎(Li),史(Shi),陶(Tao),賀(He),毛(Mao),郝(Hao),顧(Gu),龔(Gong),邵(Shao),萬(Wan),覃(Tan),武(Wu),錢(Qian),戴(Dai),嚴(Yan),莫(Mo),孔(Kong),項(Xiang),常(Chang)


  Registration by Mail   新生註冊 將自五月七日開始,相關訊息可上網查看。 4/30 提供有興趣入學的新生家庭觀課,請與校方聯繫!


New Student Enrollment:
May 7, 2021 marks the first day for new students to register for the 2021-2022 academic year. Visit our website for more details at http://www.bayvalleychineseschool.org/registrations.php. We will open our classrooms and offer a sit-in opportunity on April 30, 2021 for new families. Please contact our school by email at bayvalleychineseschool@yahoo.com if you are interested in experiencing our fun style of learning.

舊生註冊 單已由各班級老師分別發送到學生的電郵,請家長在五月二十一日前完成報名手續,以方便校方規劃新學年行政事務及班級編排。尚未收到註冊單的家庭,請立即與校方聯繫。

Returning Student Enrollment:
Our teachers have emailed all registration packets to our current students. Please contact the school immediately if you have not yet received yours. To facilitate the planning of next year’ administrative matters and class assignment, we would like to have all students completing their registration by May 21, 2021.


Celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month 亞太裔傳統月with Chinese Historical Society of America (CHSA) 美國華人歷史協會 as they are joined by authors Phil Amara and Oliver Chin, as well as illustrator Juan Calle, for Awesome Asian Americans. Participants will hear excerpts from Awesome Asian Americans by Phil and Oliver and will get to participate in a live drawing demo with Juan. Make sure to bring your pencil and excitement! Register at: chsaawesomeasam.eventbrite.com

Asian Pacific Island Heritage


Chinese Opera introduction at 8th/9th class by the teacher Hongling Gao.

Chinese Opera


Important Dates:

April 30 Registration for Returning Students
May 07 Registration for New Students
May 14 No School
May 21 Last day of school

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