Week of 03/20/2020
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  Online Instruction   網上授課日: 3/203/27
上課時間: 7:00 ─ 8:50 p.m.
Online Teaching Dates: 3/20 & 3/27
Class Time: 7:00 ─ 8:50 p.m.

新冠型肺炎疫情全國爆發,導致在防疫期間學校關閉,學生無法到校正常上課。因應此特殊狀況又有學習需求之際,校方立即採用 ZOOM 網上教學平台,讓教學不中斷,學習無縫連接。 "停課不停學 ",網上授課日視同一般上課日。


敬請家長從旁協助提供所需硬體電子產品及學習環境,並預先下載 ZOOM 軟體: https://zoom.us/download , 以期此次網上"教"與"學"能順利進行。因隱私權問題,上課時間由家長自行控制學生臉像是否要出現在螢幕上 。

感謝所有老師和行政人員在此緊急狀況下,全力配合認真參與培訓課程, 把實體教室轉換成虛擬教室遠距教學的新任務圓滿達成。如有疑問請電郵至: bayvalleychineseschool@yahoo.com 或致電 925-263-9378。

聖拉蒙學區疫情應變最新通知: The SRVUSD Coronavirus Update on 3/13/2020 can be viewed at the following link.

Committed to Teach amid Coronavirus School Closures
The swift rise in the number of confirmed new coronavirus cases in Contra Costa County has prompted closure of schools. In order to maintain academic continuity, BVCS will offer classes in an online capacity through Zoom video Communications.

While we are in an uncharted territory and the situation is fluid, at this point, we are offering remote instruction for two days (3/20 and 3/27). The medium of instruction after the Spring Break (4/3 and 4/10) will depend on the availability of the campus. We need to pull together as a community in the service of our students. Please follow the guidelines below in order to help prepare your children for the online classes in the coming weeks.

  1. Before the first date of online teaching, all students will receive a "Zoom Invitation" from their teachers via email, including teaching content and homework assignments. All you need to do is to join the "Zoom Meeting" (or to enter the virtual classroom) on the specified date by clicking the blue link (e.g. https://zoom.us/j/123456789). (The digit string 123456789 is indeed the meeting ID.)
  2. Although you do not need to download the software to join the classes, there is a free version (the Basic Plan) that you can download at https://zoom.us/download and get familiar with its functions.
  3. For students who have downloaded the Zoom software, you can join the class by inputting the "Meeting ID" your teachers indicate in their email.
  4. Things that should be made accessible to students before instruction begins:
    1. Laptop/computer with microphone/speaker and preferably a large screen
    2. Stable internet connection
    3. A quiet corner/room away from distractions such as TV or noise
    4. Textbooks and exercise books
  5. Classroom etiquette is expected in this virtual classroom; and students should be punctual and attendance will be recorded.
  6. Communication and interaction between teachers and students will be conducted through the video and audio modes. Please rest assured that nothing in the virtual classroom would be made public. It would facilitate teachers to engage students if both the video and audio are on at the students' end. However, choices of parents/guardians not to have their children's face popping up on screen due to privacy issues are respected.

Transitioning from an in-person classroom to a virtual classroom in such a short notice requires a lot of efforts from our tireless staff and teachers. The administration is deeply grateful to the entire BVCS Community for their flexibility and willingness to collaborate during this unprecedented pandemic.

Should you have any questions, please contact our help desk at bayvalleychineseschool@yahoo.com or call 925-263-9378.


Important Dates:

April 17 Class Resumes
April 24 Registration ─ Returning student/sibling
May 1 Registration ─ Returning student/sibling
May 8 Registration ─ New Student & Final Exam
May 15 NO SCHOOL/CWMS School Event
May 22 Last Day of School


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