Week of 03/19/2021
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Kite Flying


《An interesting snippet on Chinese Folk Culture: Kite Flying during the Spring Equinox》
The Spring Equinox occurs between March 20 and April 4 this year. With warmer temperatures and the gentle breeze, it is the perfect time to fly a kite. In the ancient time, kites were first used as a means of military communication and as a tool to calculate the wind readings. People even wrote their medical problems on paper kites. As the kite floated up high in the sky, they would cut off the kite and let it fly off, symbolizing their parting with the diseases. Nowadays, kite flying becomes a popular outdoor activity to welcome the arrival of springtime.


Kite flying goes back two thousands year ago in China. The very first kite was invented by Lu Ban, a prestigious carpenter. Inspired by a spiraling eagle in the sky, he built a kite made of wood. Paper-kites did not come into existence until the invention of paper by Cai Lun in the Han Dynasty.Thenceforth, the popularity of kite flying as a leisure activity has never waned. As the kite dances and floats unpredictably in the air, your thoughts flows with it, relaxing your mind and recharging your inner energy. Maneuvering a kite and maintaining its flight involve incessant running and eye-hand coordination. Kite flying calls for a mix of aerobics, stretching and mindfulness, and is an excellent exercise for all ages.


What's Happening


About Registration for the next academic year:
Since virtual learning will continue through the end of this semester, in-person registration for the 2021-2022 school year will not be possible. Registration forms, which will be emailed to parents by teachers in mid April, should be completed and mailed back. More updates and details regarding registration will soon be available.

A 組:林心美 Audrey Lin (8th/9th)
B 組:林志偉 Andrew Lin (5th)
C 組:趙芷晴 Chloe Zhao (3A)
D 組:李靖軒 Brayden Li (1B)

ANCCS Academic Contest:
Four prize winners of BVCS' Pencil Calligraphy Contest will represent our school to compete in the Pencil Calligraphy Contest organized by the Association of Northern California Chinese Schools on March 28, 2021. Let's wish them all the best.
Below are names of participants and their divisions:
Group A: Audrey Lin (8th/9th)
Group B: Andrew Lin (5th)
Group C: Chloe Zhao (3A)
Group D: Brayden Li (1B)

恭喜 2A 顏若軒參加北加州中文學校聯合會舉辦的中國新年牛年賀年卡比賽,獲得幼童組佳作 3 獎。

Good News:
Congratulations to Charis Ngan (2A) who won Honorable Mention 3rd in the Junior Division in the Year of Ox' New Year Card Contest, hosted by the Association of Northern California Chinese Schools in January 2021.


Happy faces at the third virtual staff meeting on March 12, 2021

Teachers and Staffs Meeting


Important Dates:

March 26 BVCS Teachers Appreciation Day
April 02 No School
April 09 No School
April 16 2021-2022 Registration Forms Available via email


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