Week of 03/13/2020
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緊急通知: 3/13 & 3/20 中文學校不上課

請家長特別留意:3/13,3/20 中文學校不上課。鑑於新冠狀肺炎疫情在我們的社區有持續延燒的趨勢,為了學生、行政人員、家長的安全及健康考量,聖拉蒙學區今日發出即刻生效的最新通知,下令在3月21日前對轄下所有學校大型聚會、校外旅行及課後活動都將延期舉行。學區最新的決定適用於所有租用校舍的校外團體或組織,本校也將受到影響,取消原已排定的兩週上課日。 本週五上課內容將分別由老師以電郵分送給各班學生。

Attention parents and guardians of BVCS:
Classes scheduled on 3/13 and 3/20 will be cancelled.

In light of the threat of the new coronavirus transmission in the community and in order to minimize the potential of virus exposure to the school community, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District has adopted new protocols, effective immediately from March 11, 2020 through March 21, 2020, or until circumstances change. Such protocols include postponing all events at the facilities of the school district outside of the school day, which includes all outside user groups that use their facilities. BVCS' administration has received written confirmation today from Christopher George, the Director of Instructional Services and District Communications, that BVCS is considered one of the "outside user groups". Consequently, there will be no Chinese School classes on March 13 (this coming Friday) and March 20. Teachers will forward their teaching materials and homework assignments to all students via email soon.

聖拉蒙學區疫情應變最新通知: The SRVUSD Coronavirus Update on 3/11/2020 can be viewed at the following link.