Week of 03/12/2021
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Remote Learning


The one-year anniversary of the pandemic marks a year of online learning. Our students have grown to adapt to the logistics of virtual classrooms and become proficient in using their digital devices. This online platform opens up not only a space for students to learn the Chinese language without interruption, but also offers a venue for the school to host a myriad of virtual activities to enrich students' experience in Chinese culture and traditional customs. Two-thirds of the academic year has passed uneventfully. As online education is to remain for the rest of this semester, keeping students motivated, productive and engaged will be the common goal of teachers, students and parents. Stay pumped! We are all in this together!



Our students and staff have strained every nerve possible to make the virtual Read-Aloud Contest a resounding success. The casual, free-style format dismantled the formidable hurdles of stage fright; students felt at ease to participate and they were enticed to serious practices for the competition. Positive feedbacks reverberate throughout the BVCS community and wishes have been voiced for the contest to be continued in future years. Bravo to all participants and their families. Congrats to the winners. Below is the link to the video clips of the contest winners:


詩歌朗頌比賽獎金已在兩週前送出。獲獎者第一名:$50, 第二名:$30, 第三名:$20 (禮物卡)以及佳作獎 $5 現金紅包。若未收到請聯繫校方。

The prizes of the Read-Aloud Contest have been sent to all recipients two weeks ago. Gift cards in varying denominations awarded in each division are: $50 for 1st place, $30 for 2nd place and $20 for 3rd place. A $5 red envelope is mailed to all honorable mentions. Please contact BVCS if you have not yet received your prizes.

Below is the list of winners of the Read Aloud Contest:

Read Aloud  Contest Winners List


Important Dates:

March 26 BVCS Teachers Appreciation Day
April 02 No School
April 09 No School
April 16 2021-2022 Registration Forms Available
April 23 Registration for Returning Students and Siblings
April 30 Registration for Returning Students and Siblings


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