Week of 02/26/2021
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Ox Character

進入牛年,先學一新字,《犇》。三頭牛在一起,念:Ben。一頭牛就力大無窮了,何況三頭牛成佇列一起前進,那力量不言而喻了。這個字實際是 "奔跑,急匆匆" 的意思。
2021 is a year of the Ox. The Chinese character 《犇》 is composed of three oxen and pronounced as "Ben". Although the image suggests the sheer epic strength of 3 oxen, the character actually is defined as running or dashing.

屬 "牛" 的好性格:這個屬相的本性是腳踏實地,不感情用事,穩重而靠得住。有不屈不撓的性格並具有邏輯較強的頭腦,其聰明、靈巧常被沈默寡言或樸素整潔的外表所掩蓋。
People born in the Year of the Ox are down to earth, calm and collected, and fair and reliable. Tenacious and methodical, yet they often conceal their sagacity with a terse style and an unembellished appearance.

與牛有關的常用成語 Proverbs that associate with ox or cow:
牛刀小試 using the big "ox" knife to run a small test (testing the waters by a master)
對牛彈琴 playing the lute to a cow (reasoning with the wrong audience)
九牛一毛 nine cows and a strand of hair (a drop in the ocean)
牛郎織女 the cowherd and the weaver girl (true lovers that are forced apart)

與牛有關的形容用語 Phrases that associate with cow or bull:
牛脾氣 the temperament of a cow (stubborn)
大笨牛 the big stupid cow (brainless)
牛市 the bull market (a thriving economy)


敬請留意: 3/05/2021 放假 No School
Attention: No school on March 5, 2021


Recapitulating Chinese New Year Celebration on Feb. 12

學校 2002 年成立以來,除了去年因疫情爆發慶會臨時取消,年年都舉辦實體農曆春節慶祝活動,這也是學校最重視的活動之一,除全校師生、家長和來賓也開放給社區民眾共同參與。今年透過 Zoom 改在線上舉辦 "牛轉乾坤慶新春" 的春節聯歡晚會。

Since our establishment in 2002, BVCS has been hosting the Lunar New Year celebration every year, except that it was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. It is our signature event that not only welcomes our students, teachers and parents, but also everyone in the community. This year it was moved to the Zoom platform for the first time to comply with the public health policy.


Festivities in the evening included performance by Xiaopei Chinese Dance, Chinese martial arts demonstration by KungFu Dragon USA, introduction of Chinese New Year rituals and customs, Chinese buns baking workshop, Chinese paper cutting illustration, poetry reading, Beijing Opera, and Dance Along. Our outstanding mistress of ceremony, Noya Lee, hosted the program with ease and stability. Her passion and humor radiates through the screen and infected our viewers at home. Attending our celebration were the Mayor of Danville and four Councilmembers as well as the President of the SRVUSD Board of Education and two trustees. The 3-hour program sent cheers to friends and families across the nation and ended on a high note with lucky drawings of red envelopes.

Please see at the end of this eNews for links to the video clips of the virtual celebration.


2/19 線上詩歌朗頌比賽
今年因疫情影響原定新年晚會取消,改成線上詩歌朗誦比賽。此項比賽已中斷十年未在校內舉辦了,這次共有五十九位學生參加,低年級參賽者佔六成之多。比賽時每位學生在鏡頭前的態度親切有禮,毫不怯場,若然自得且充滿信心,並能熟練操作 Zoom 功能準時上台,相信他們賽前早已反覆練習多時,以期達到最佳表現。通過這次比賽的機會,學生在線上觀摩學習,有助於將來更能準確掌握中文口語發音及聲調高低,對學習中文的信心又向前邁進了一大步。老師們對參加這次比賽的學生都給予衷心的鼓勵和課外指導,對學生的表現都讚譽有加,並期待來年能持續舉辦此比賽。校方感謝家長的配合和支持,參賽報名程序如期完成!

The Read Aloud Contest
February 19, 2021 was originally scheduled to be our in-person Chinese New Year Celebration. However, due to the pandemic it was replaced by the virtual Read Aloud Contest, which had been discontinued for the past 10 years. This year we had 59 contestants, 60% of which were at the beginner level. Skilled at the operational functions of the Zoom platform, all students showed confidence and poise at the contest. Through observing peers' performance in the contest, many had a better grip of the pronunciation and intonation, taking them a step further in their Chinese learning journey. The keys to contestants' desirable performances are their own disciplined practices and our teachers' compassionate coaching and encouragement. Teachers find this contest beneficial and hope that it will be continued in the years to come. The school is very grateful to parents' cooperation and support, which made this contest a great success.

詩歌朗頌比賽得獎名單如下:第一名:$50, 第二名:$30, 第三名:$20 (禮物卡)
Below is the list of winners of the Read Aloud Contest: (Three prizes in form of gift cards are awarded in each division: 1st place $50, 2nd place $30 and 3rd place $20.)

Read Aloud  Contest Winners List

Group photos with the Read aloud Contestants.

Read Aloud  Contest Group Photo

Read Aloud  Contest Group Photo

Read Aloud  Contest Group Photo


Renee Morgan, Mayor of Danville, gracing our celebration with auspicious messages.

Renee Morgan, Mayor of Danville

Performers from Xiaopei Chinese Dance

Xiaopei Chinese Dance

One of the group photos of the 2021 Chinese New Year Celebration

Group Photo

Group Photo

Students receiving red envelopes in the mail.

Student with Red Envelope


2021年 灣谷中文學校春節晚會錄影片段







年俗介紹 :袁佩菁老師

麵食製作:紅豆包子&唐詩朗誦   孔迎老師

童謠帶動唱:我的朋友在哪裏 & 魚兒魚兒水中游   康琦老師

童謠帶動唱:頭耳肩膀 & 兩隻老虎   江秀華老師


童謠帶動唱:小猴子 & 三輪車   李娜亞老師





帶動跳: 曾芷筠


花絮與 ANCCS 奚會長、毛會長等話家常


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