Week of 02/05/2021
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Year of Ox

翹首以盼 2021新春即將到來,金牛賀歲好運來!

The long-awaited 2021 Spring Festival is around the corner. The Golden Ox will definitely ring in a year of blessings. Given the social distancing measures, this year BVCS will host our signature Chinese New Year Celebration online. At your own homes and across the screen, we could still engage as a wider community, enjoy the festivities and throw an epic party.

今年的節目內容有傳統中國舞蹈,功夫表演,麵食製作,年俗介紹,生肖剪紙,京劇演唱,詩歌朗誦,帶動跳等,許多單元都將以互動的方式呈現。當然還有大家最期待的發紅包橋段,請大家鎖定 2/12 在線上相見。 ZOOM 連結網址將在 2/9/2021 發送!

Our interactive program will feature Chinese Dance, Kung-Fu Demonstration, Buns Baking, Lunar New Year Rituals and Customs, Zodiac Paper Cutting, Beijing Opera Singing, Poetry Reading, and Sing and Dance Along. Viewers' participation is key tomany parts of our program. Among the most popular activity is the passing out of red envelopes, which will be incorporated into our evening fun. Please block your calendar and we all look forward to meeting with you virtually on February 12 via Zoom. The link will be released on February 9, 2021.
(Note: For those who would like to participate in the Zodiac Paper Cutting Activity牛年剪紙, please read the instructions at the bottom of this eNews.)


  Read Aloud contest   詩歌朗誦比賽報名將在本週五截止。如有疑問請聯絡教務主任 tiffany.jc.yao@hotmail.com

Entry form online submission deadline for the Read Aloud Contest will be this upcoming Friday. For questions, please contact our Academic Director at tiffany.jc.yao@hotmail.com

線上詩歌朗讀比賽 (報名截止日:2/5/2021)

比賽規則: 學生自由參加,分為低年級 (K─2年級) 、中年級 (3─5 年級)、與高年級 (6年級以上) 三組評比。參賽者到自己年級的指定題庫挑出一首詩歌比賽,如外加自選詩歌,則視為加分項目。
評分標準: 咬字四聲抑揚頓挫清晰正確 50% 、語調情感表達得宜 30% 、儀容態度表情 20%, 若能背誦額外加分
線上比賽日: 2 月 19 日
獎勵辦法: 每級選出前三名,獎金依序為 $50, $30, $20 。 .

Read Aloud Contest on Zoom

Rules: Participation is voluntary. Entrants are grouped into 3 divisions: Beginner (Grades K-2), Intermediate (Grades 3-5), and Advanced (Grade 6 and above). Participants are to choose one poem in the assigned repertoire and read out loud on the date of contest in front of a panel of judges via Zoom. If participants decide to recite an additional poem from the free-choice repertoire, they will earn extra credits.
Deadline: Last day for online submission of the entry from is February 5, 2021.
Scoring Rubric: Enunciation and pronunciation accuracy 50%; voice and articulation 30%; physical presence and dramatic appropriateness 20%; extra credits for memorization effort.
Date of Virtual Contest: February 19, 2021
Prizes: 3 winners would be chosen from each division, with an award of $50 to 1st place, $30 to 2nd place and $20 to 3rd place.
Entry form  
Repertoire of poems  


詩詞欣賞 Poetry Appreciation:


  絕句 杜甫 jué jù   Dù fǔ
  兩個黃鸝鳴翠柳, liǎng gè huáng lí míng cuì liǔ,
  一行白鷺上青天。 yì háng bái lù shàng qīng tiān.
  窗含西嶺千秋雪, chuāng hán xī lǐng qiān qiū xuě,
  門泊東吳萬里船。 mén bó dōng wú wàn lǐ chuán.

  A Quatrain       by Du Fu
A pair of yellow orioles singing in the green willows,
Up in the blue sky a flock of egrets surge.
Mount West framing my window with thousand-year old snow,
Close by my door boats from faraway Eastern Wu moor.


Ox     牛年剪紙須知
Ox Paper Cutting Materials
& Template

所需材料: Materials to gather before the workshop on February 12, 2021:

  1. 剪紙模板: Printout of the ox template below
  2. 顏色紙: A piece of paper (preferably colored and thin), or gift wrapping paper
  3. 小剪刀: A pair of scissors (preferably small size)
  4. 迴紋針: Two or three paper clips

Ox Ox

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