Week of 01/29/2021
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Private Tutoring


Private tutoring at home is a primal model of schooling that has established a long history in the educational landscape in China. Ancient Chinese education emphasizes the mimetic approach, and the chanting of literary work after a teacher is the norm. Teacher reads aloud in front of the classroom and students follow in form of a chorus of repetition. As the words become students' language memories, the teacher will then decode the meanings line by line. Rote learning is an educational experience that many parents growing up in Asia would share. The arbitrarily memorized contents of many of the poetry and classical literature might not be fully understood at primary and secondary schools; yet, they are retained for life and could be retrieved spontaneously many years later.

校方二月十九日將舉辦詩歌朗誦比賽,著眼於鼓勵學生通過反覆練習課文或詩歌來達到口語流暢咬字清晰的目標。有關比賽相關訊息,請參閱本週通訊,希望學生踴躍參加,報名截止日為 2/5 。如有疑問請聯絡教務主任 tiffany.jc.yao@hotmail.com

The Virtual Read Aloud Contest that BVCS is hosting on February 19, 2021 aims at encouraging students to improve their pronunciation and articulation by means of practicing over and over. Repeating out loud is an effortful mental activity that would without a doubt enhance the speaking skill. Details of this contest are posted in this week’s eNews below. The deadline for online entry form submission is February 5, 2021. All students are welcome to participate. Should you have any questions, please contact our Academic Director at tiffany.jc.yao@hotmail.com


Read Aloud contest

線上詩歌朗讀比賽 (報名截止日:2/5/2021)

比賽規則: 學生自由參加,分為低年級 (K─2年級) 、中年級 (3─5 年級)、與高年級 (6年級以上) 三組評比。參賽者到自己年級的指定題庫挑出一首詩歌比賽,如外加自選詩歌,則視為加分項目。
評分標準: 咬字四聲抑揚頓挫清晰正確 50% 、語調情感表達得宜 30% 、儀容態度表情 20%, 若能背誦額外加分
線上比賽日: 2 月 19 日
獎勵辦法: 每級選出前三名,獎金依序為 $50, $30, $20 。 .

Read Aloud Contest on Zoom

Rules: Participation is voluntary. Entrants are grouped into 3 divisions: Beginner (Grades K-2), Intermediate (Grades 3-5), and Advanced (Grade 6 and above). Participants are to choose one poem in the assigned repertoire and read out loud on the date of contest in front of a panel of judges via Zoom. If participants decide to recite an additional poem from the free-choice repertoire, they will earn extra credits.
Deadline: Last day for online submission of the entry from is February 5, 2021.
Scoring Rubric: Enunciation and pronunciation accuracy 50%; voice and articulation 30%; physical presence and dramatic appropriateness 20%; extra credits for memorization effort.
Date of Virtual Contest: February 19, 2021
Prizes: 3 winners would be chosen from each division, with an award of $50 to 1st place, $30 to 2nd place and $20 to 3rd place.
Entry form  
Repertoire of poems  


詩詞欣賞 Poetry Appreciation:


  靜夜思   李白 Jìng yè sī   lǐ bái
  床前明月光,疑是地上霜。 chuáng qián míng yuè guāng, yí shì dì shàng shuāng.
  舉頭望明月,低頭思故鄉。 Jǔ tóu wàng míng yuè, dī tóu sī gù xiāng.

  Musing on a Tranquil Night       by Li Bai
Bright moonlight shining above my bed,
So glittering that it seems like frost on the ground.
To the silvery moon I raise my head,
Drooping it to the thoughts of far-off home I found.


3B 課堂上的歡樂時光,由李老師的助教姐弟檔帶領學生一起唱跳!
Teacher Lee's TA siblings kicked up a notch of the cheerful dancing and singing time in the 3B classroom!

3B Grade

2B 孔老師隔著螢幕正在檢查學生學寫的新字。
Teacher Kong in 2B scanning through the screen students' handwriting of newly learned vocabularies.

2B Grade

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