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2020 BVCS Online Summer Camp

校方將在 6/15 推出線上夏令營,嘉惠灣谷學子,四週一系列的線上課程全部免費 !繽紛的主題,輕鬆有趣的學習又能夠自我提升中文程度,老師們將陪伴學生一起度過炎炎夏日!快來體驗學習語言和中華文化的樂趣吧!

*幼稚園的新學生可參加 KB 課程,請預先下載 ZOOM 應用軟體!

Bay Valley Chinese School is launching a FREE virtual summer camp on June 15, 2020. It is a 4-week program, tailored to students from kindergarten to 8th grade and hosted via a secured Zoom video setting. With the love and companionship of our experienced teachers, this sizzling summer will be filled with an array of fun activities and students will be immersed into the exploration of Chinese language and culture. Classes are lively and engaging with lots of interactions and games.

Registration is needed to facilitate the control of class size and the assignment of students to their age-appropriate level.

*All BVCS students, including the incoming new students of 2020-2021, are eligible to join.
*Incoming kindergarteners are welcome to participate in the KB program. All participating families are encouraged to download the Zoom application ahead of time.